Jeff Coston (left) and his longtime friend and caddie Dudley Logan hope to enjoy the same success they had 20 years ago at PGA TOUR Qualifying School. (Photo: John Kim,
Jeff Coston (left) and his longtime friend and caddie Dudley Logan hope to enjoy the same success they had 20 years ago at PGA TOUR Qualifying School. (Photo: John Kim,

Coston Blog: Lost clubs, practice, and favorite TV shows

PGA Professional Jeff Coston is playing in his first Senior PGA Championship this week at the Ocean Course. So far, everything has gone well, especially since he was able to catch the season-finale of 24 and American Idol.

By Jeff Coston, Special to

2006 Callaway Golf Senior PGA Professional Championship winner Jeff Coston will be posting his thoughts on as he competes in the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. Coston is the PGA Teaching Professional at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wash., where he runs his own golf academy.

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- Tomorrow, I tee it up in my first Senior PGA Championship. What a great event and what a great place to have it. I'm very excited to play and it's been quite the great week leading up to tomorrow's tee time.

I left my house on Sunday (May 20) to get to the airport. It was a nice drive, especially after teaching for 12 hours on Saturday. It was a chance to clear my mind, think a little bit, and relax.

Flying here wasn't as relaxing though. That's a long flight from Seattle to Charleston, by way of Houston -- especially jammed into the tiny seats and with crying babies around you, that's not as relaxing. But I did get here fine and I'm excited about playing.

This is a neat week because many of my students are in the (Washington) State Tournament and of the 30 students are so that I have playing in that tournament, I'm as anxious about how they do in that tournament as I am about playing in mine here.

One other important note, my good friend Dudley Logan is going to caddie for me this week. He is a friend first and foremost, then a caddie. It's great to catch up with him. He last caddied for me 20 years ago, when he helped me play the final 10 holes at 8-under par to earn my PGA TOUR card at Qualifying School. Obviously, catching up with him brings up a lot of good memories. Memories and images I hope help me along this week, of course.

My time here got off to a curious start. Though I got here just fine, my clubs did not. I went out on Monday for a practice round and had to use a set that a good friend of mine, Dick Mast, had available. Dick is one of my heroes in golf as well as a good friend. This is another great aspect of this week, being able to see and catch up with some great friends.

As far as the clubs, Dudley was able to go and pick them up Monday morning at the airport. This wasn't too bad, though a similar thing happened to me in 2004 at the PGA Professional National Championship in Ohio.

The course seems in ideal condition, just perfect. It's a far cry from the 2005 PGA Professional National Championship that I played in here, where the weather was just brutal. Fortunately, I've played here six times now so I know the course okay. I only needed to play nine holes on Monday, but I had to get home in time to watch the season finale of 24. No way I could miss that -- golf tournament or no golf tournament. And Tuesday, though we had to wait to start practice until after the Pro-Am, I only played the back nine so I could get home and watch American Idol. It cracks some people up, but I'm telling you, it's important to me. I've watched it for six years, and it's obviously important to 100 million other people or something like that -- it's the no. 1 show on TV.

One of the reasons I enjoy the show so much is that I'm a musician. I love music, I play the guitar. In fact, that's how I got my wife. I wrote her a love song. Put that spell on her and it was done. We've been married 30 years. That is the greatest accomplishment in my life, having been married to my wife for 30 years, and I'm hoping for 30 more. And I've got three kids, great kids, and they even like me. So that is the second greatest accomplishment of mine.

But back to Idol, I have no idea who is going to win, but I have to say that Jordin can really blow it out of the box as they say. The guy, Blake, I see him as a producer one day, probably a good one. But Jordin, yeah, what a talent. I wish I could have watched it in high-definition with stereo surround sound, but it was still great. I think I could do well on American Senior Idol. I'm waiting for that to come out.

I teed off early today to beat the crowds and so I could get back and get some rest. You are going to need some rest to play this course. What a great course this is. Very scenic, very challenging, there aren't many courses like this in the world.

I think par is going to be a good score out here this week. Especially if the wind is blowing, you'll see some higher numbers. There just aren't many places to miss here, and the greens are kind of like upside-down bowls and so you are going to have some real opportunities to be creative and imaginative, but at the same time, you're going to have to be.

One interesting aspect of the course, there are several waste areas, not bunkers. So you hit a ball in there, you can take practice swings all you want. Some of them have sand, some are more like rocks and shells. But again, you have to be creative to find ways out if you get into one.

I'm really looking forward to starting out the tournament tomorrow. I have an early time. Keep in mind, I'm still on a west coast body clock, so this morning, when I awoke at 5:30 a.m., that's 2:30 to me. But I played 18 holes before my wife probably even woke up, so that's somewhat different.

But I'm excited and ready to go. I have a good group to play with and what more can you ask for other than good people at a beautiful course and a major championship event. Well, a win I guess. We'll tee it up tomorrow and find out. It's going to be great.



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