Jeff Coston was able to keep it together after a tough start by reminding himself where he was and what he was here for. (Photo: The PGA of America)
Jeff Coston was able to keep it together after a tough start by reminding himself where he was and what he was here for. (Photo: The PGA of America)

Coston Blog: Rebounding from rough start is gratifying

In Jeff Coston's Saturday blog, the PGA Professional from Blaine, Wash., talks about how he was able to rebound after a rough start to this third round and rally for a 3-over 75 at the 68th Senior PGA Championship.

By Jeff Coston, special to

Editor's Note: 2006 Callaway Golf Senior PGA Professional Championship winner Jeff Coston will be posting his thoughts on as he competes in the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. Coston is the PGA Teaching Professional at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wash., where he runs his own golf academy.

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KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- I overheard someone say that my round today got off to a bumpy start. I guess you could call two doubles in the first three holes "bumpy." After the third hole, I wanted to start caddieing and letting Dudley (Logan, my long-time friend and caddie this week) start hitting the shots. But he is wearing shorts and I didn't want to subject the good people of Kiawah to us swapping pants in the middle of a golf course.

So I chose to go on, and had to remind myself not to go after any alligators to wrestle or anything like that. But I tell you, after that third hole, I think I could have wrestled a few alligators and come out okay.

But I went on, and I'm glad I did. I reminded myself that this was such a great place to be. I had to remind myself that a lot out there. But it is, it's a great place with a great atmosphere and the truth is, I am very happy to be here. Bumpy starts or not.

I hit a few drives early today where I did not want to hit them. On the first hole, I hit it into the bunker and had to take an unplayable-lie penalty. I hit a couple of really good shots that just didn't turn out like I had hoped. So it was one of those days in terms of the golf. But that's part of the game, you accept that and get ready for the next round. I'm glad after that start, I was able to pull it together a little.

I think 10 to 15, maybe 20 years ago, I would have shot a million. But I was able to get it back together today and only shoot half-a-million. Hey, that's pretty good, right?

One reporter keeps asking me if I'm looking at the leaderboard, whether the top of the board or how I stand among the club professionals. I don't really like that question, and I try not to think about it but he keeps bringing it up.

I'll just say what I told him: One hole at a time, one shot at a time. Like I said yesterday, just one slice of pizza, not the whole thing at once, you know? But tomorrow, maybe I need to go for the vegetarian pizza instead of pepperoni or the Canadian bacon.

But in all honesty, I'm excited about playing tomorrow. I'll take extra time to really enjoy it. You have to enjoy these times. Tomorrow night, I'm on a flight back home. I'm back to teaching next week. So when opportunities come up like this, you really have to take it in and enjoy the moment. One shot at a time.

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