For the second day in a row, PGA Professional Jeff Coston rebounded from a rough start to post a nice score at the Ocean Course. (Photo: The PGA of America)
For the second day in a row, PGA Professional Jeff Coston rebounded from a rough start to post a nice score at the Ocean Course. (Photo: The PGA of America)

Coston Blog: 'One slice of pizza at a time' pays off again

PGA Professional Jeff Coston closed his Senior PGA Championship week with a stellar 2-under-par 70 on Sunday at the Ocean Course. In the process he also captured low PGA Professional honors.

By Jeff Coston, special to

Editor's Note: 2006 Callaway Golf Senior PGA Professional Championship winner Jeff Coston posted his thoughts on as he competed in the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. Coston is the PGA Teaching Professional at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wash., where he runs his own golf academy.

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KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- Yesterday, there was a photo that ran with my blog entry that I just love. That photo is going up in my living room, in my shop, maybe being sent out as some Christmas presents. That kind of summarizes my experience here this week. It is just like, "Wow." 

So I started today with two bogeys on the first two holes. If I could somehow not play the first couple of holes here, I might move here. But I was able to get back on my game plan and work out a pretty good round.

There's a lesson in that. Dudley (Logan, a long-time friend and caddie for this week) was great, he played a big part in helping me get my focus back after those early stumbles. He would put his arm around me when I needed it, and give me a little kick in the pants when I needed it. Today was a great partnership.

Anyways, after those first two bogeys, Dudley asked me, "Are you ready to play the third hole of this tournament right now?"

It was a good question. I don't know that I was, I was still thinking about the rough start. Of course I try to stick with "one hole, one shot at a time," but as a human, sometimes those negative thoughts become pervasive, you know?

But I got back on plan, and the final 16 holes were the best of the week in terms of "one piece of pizza" and my plan to stay in the present. I made some really solid swings, made some super saves on a few holes, and on the final hole, hit one of the best 7-iron shots I've hit in a long time. To do that in front of the gallery, on the closing hole, that's something I'm going to remember and cherish.

Okay, I missed the putt and made par on that hole. But it was still a great wrap-up to a wonderful week.

And to put a little added bonus on the week, I won the low score for PGA Professionals competing in the tournament. The last event I competed in was last fall at the Senior PGA Professional Championship, which I won. So now to do this, it's really amazing and gratifying.

There are so many great PGA Professionals out here competing and to be recognized for my play is pretty special, of course.

I love to compete, I love tournament play and coming out and seeing these guys, playing on these incredible courses, this is all so overwhelming at times.

But one thing I want to close with is that I don't equate success in golf with success in life. I think I used to, and that wasn't so good. Especially when I was out on TOUR, I think you can get caught up in having too much of your self-value being tied to your golf score.

I have a wonderful wife, whom I love dearly, and have been blessed with wonderful children. My faith is very important to me -- my relationship with Christ. My students and my relationships with them, that's incredibly important. So I have a great life and I'm very appreciative of it.

I once heard someone remark that "I know I will achieve my hopes and dreams because I'll be okay if I don't." I liked that. So I'm going to close with that for the week.

With the great blessings I have in life, chasing my golf dreams is important to me and I plan to do so with a great passion for it. And I know I'll achieve them because it's okay if I don't. God, my wife, my children, and my students will still love me whether I win a huge tournament on the Champions Tour or I don't. And that is really special.

I hope you all can find a similar satisfaction in life. Keep chasing your dreams while staying in the moment. Remember, one slice of pizza at a time. Thanks for reading.

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