Ben Crenshaw had some troubles with the water hazard on hole 17 during the second round. (Getty Images)
Ben Crenshaw had some troubles with the water hazard on hole 17 during the second round. (Getty Images)

Ask PGA Expert Krista Dunton your questions regarding the 2007 Senior PGA Championship

PGA Professional Krista Dunton, the Head of Instruction at Belfair and Carolinas Section 2006 PGA Teacher of the Year, is taking your questions about instruction, the course, and everything else you view during the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort.

Friday Questions

Hi Krista:
I have a 460cc 10 degree driver and initially it felt light and the weight evenly distributed and I could swing hard or slow and get a great ball flight with lots of distance. Now the club feels head heavy and clunky on the top of my back swing. Seems to take so much effort to get the club head to the ball and sometimes feels like I am swaying to try and get the club head back to address position on the downswing. Any suggestions?
From Haruo

Dunton: It sounds to me like maybe you are not turning your body correctly. Be sure that you get plenty of turn and don't get lazy on the swing. I would guess that your arms are taking over and you're not turning the hips and shoulders enough.

Does it make a difference if i overlap or lock my fingers on my grip? The grip i use now is a baseball grip.
Corey Root

Dunton: Grips are important in that they need to get both hands to work together properly. A baseball grip is great for big hands and short stocky fingers. If that's you, perhaps this is a good grip. But many great players use different type of grips. It's hard to say any one is better than another. I would say it depends on size of your hands and size/width of your fingers.

Why is the Kiawah Club logo exactly the same as the Oak Tree Country Club logo - the course on which the Sr. Championship was played last year? Who had it first? How can they both use the same logo???
Kevin Hopkins

Dunton: Oak Tree Golf Club in Oklahoma actually had it first. Both facilities were owned by the Landmark Development Group and that was their logo for their golf properties. Once the Ocean Course became so renowned with the 1991 Ryder Cup, they have kept the logo ever since even as they became a privately owned resort.

On hole 17 at the ocean course their are yellow stakes along the water. What is the difference between yellow and red stakes?

Dunton: This could be a very long answer, but for the sake of brevity, here it is in a pretty basic form. Yellow stakes define water hazards. These are hazards that you have to carry in order to carry out your shot. Red stakes are lateral water hazards that run parallel to the hole.

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