Top players, such as Jay Haas, know how to take a good swing from the range out to the course. (Photo: John Kim/
Top players, such as Jay Haas, know how to take a good swing from the range out to the course. (Photo: John Kim/

Round Three: PGA Professional Krista Dunton answers your questions about what you see during the 2007 Senior PGA Championship

PGA Professional Krista Dunton, the Head of Instruction at Belfair and Carolinas Section 2006 PGA Teacher of the Year, is taking your questions about instruction, the course, and everything else you view during the 2007 Senior PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort.

How come when I am on the range, my swing has great tempo but when I get on the course the tempo disappears?
Jim D

Dunton: My guess would be that you're not as focused on a target or a result while on the range, but you get very results-oriented when on the course. I would suggest you concentrate more on making a good swing when out playing and not worry as much about where the ball ends up. This should help your tempo become more like it is on the range.

What is the most important muscle group that Senior Tour Players must condition to stay competitive at such a high level??
Richard Schmitt

Dunton: I would say that it's increasing and maintaining good flexibility and also working on the hamstrings. You need to be able to make full turns, to stay in correct posture positions when you swing and not come up out of your shot due to physical limitations. This is true for all golfers of course, but especially as you get older, your body will start to impose its own limitations unless you work on them.

What do you think the difference would be in my driver distance if I switched to a steel shaft? I know the quality of graphite is huge, but I lack some serious distance and accuracy with my driver. I currently hit my 5 iron around the 200 yard mark, I carry my 8 iron 165. I hit my 5 wood with a steel shaft 225, but can only hit my driver about 240. I lack the sense of feel and weight. I play a smaller Titleist head and love the club. I have tried every driver known to man, but I am 40 yards behind my friends. I hit the face in the middle all the time, I know this because I mark my ball with a line. My buddies laugh because I am the only 7 handicap guy that gets outdriven by the seniors at my club. What are your thoughts?
Dave Gregory

Dunton: Dave, I would recommend that you look at finding a heavier graphite shaft. Obviously you have a strong swing speed with your distances with your other clubs. Think of it this way, even the TOUR players have all moved to graphite shafts. The right shaft for your swing exists in graphite out there, but you may need to go to your local PGA Professional for some help in determining it.

My son is a small 14 year old that just loves golf. He will be a freshman in high school later this year and wanting to play on the golf team. What is the best practice he can do to get ready for playing High School golf?
Jeff Nelsen

Dunton: I would recommend that he work on the short game shots. The chipping, putting, wedges, bunkers, all the scoring shots will make a big difference. Too many kids today are so focused on distance and hitting it far. To succeed at the high school level, you need to score better, not hit it farther. Technology today will allow for hitting the ball far enough. But hitting good short game shots requires lots of practice and focus. Good luck.

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