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PGA of America Brian Whitcomb caught some of Saturday's third-round action with PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka. (Photo: The PGA of America)

Whitcomb Blog: Sharing the love of golf with America

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- So I'm trying hard not to be overly dramatic on this Saturday evening, but in all sincerity, this might be the most spectacular Senior PGA Championship that I can remember being a part of. The test that Oak Hill Country Club provides, the fact that every shot, every club in the bag, has to be precise and "on" in order to really make a move up the leaderboard, it really is exciting to see the action unfold from these phenomenal players on this world-class stage.

They typically call Saturday "moving day," but on this course, it's so hard to move -- at least up the leaderboard. But don't think there isn't enough drama. Far from that. We are having quite a battle at the top, all day long we've had it. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I overheard someone ask if the course might be set up too tough. My response is, Oak Hill Country Club is Oak Hill Country Club. It's a very demanding test of golf.

And in fact, you don't hear players complaining about the course because this test, as demanding as it is, is so incredibly fair. Every shot, every challenge, is right there in front of you. I've had a number of players tell me that they loved this course, even the ones whose scores prevented them from playing on the weekend. There is a quote hung up in one of the hallways here at the Oak Hill Country Club that says "Oak Hill is the hardest, fairest championship golf course I have ever played." The person who said that? Tiger Woods. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? I can't say it any better than the greatest player in the world right now says it.

I am truly excited about tomorrow and the incredible show I know these players and this course will provide for the fans here at Oak Hill and the viewers from all over the world.

And on that note, I spent part of today in the television booth once again, this time with our good friends at NBC. I am so appreciative of the times where I can represent and share some of the really wonderful programs and initiatives of The PGA of America with the millions of golf fans who tune in to watch out championships. Even more, on this Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation, and on behalf of the 28,000 men and women of The PGA of America -- OUR appreciation -- to the men and women of our armed forces who work so hard to keep us free.

One such program we have that honors our troops is called GIVE (Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere. This was developed by our Iowa PGA Section and it's a wonderful opportunity to share not only the tremendous work of our PGA Professionals but also share and promote what a great game this is for everyone. I enjoyed talking about that today on television and sharing some video from such an incredible program.

Let's not lose sight of this, that golf -- and the role of the PGA Professional -- isn't always about competition play or becoming a great player. It's about enjoying all the benefits of the game and how it can enrich your life.

And really, that's my goal anytime I put on the headset and join our broadcast friends in the booth. It's simply a great venue for me to share the love of the game that exists between golfers all around this great country and their local PGA Professional. And no matter what the venue, whether it's a Play Golf America Day near you or a program like GIVE or a major championship tournament that we put on, I hope everyone sees and understands that bond. No matter who you are, no matter what your skill level or even commitment to playing, there is a place in golf for you.

Looking forward to a spectacular Sunday with all of you.

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