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PGA President Jim Remy is enjoying the blend of major championship golf and NBA basketball this week in Cleveland. (Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

President's Diary: It'll come down to event's very end

In the Saturday installment of his diary from Canterbury, PGA of America President Jim Remy makes his forecast for Sunday. He also discusses The PGA's long connection to Memorial Day.

By Jim Remy, PGA of America President

BEACHWOOD, Ohio -- So I'm doing pretty good for predictions for the week. 

For last night's basketball game, I said I felt good about the Cavaliers -- and well, I never had a doubt. What an exciting game! I was fortunate enough to attend and be a part of one of the most magical moments in sports. It's also nice to see some fans out here wearing their Cleveland Cavaliers or LeBron James apparel. Who says we can't have good crossover appeal? The PGA of America got into the spirit with a fun sign on the scoreboard by the 18th green, and I enjoyed watching the fans reaction to that.

I also predicted good weather for the week for this Senior PGA Championship. I had a little help from the weatherman, but once again, Saturday was a near perfect day for golf. 

And I also said that we'd have a great finish to this championship. Now we have some of the greatest names in golf bunched together at the top of the leaderboard heading into the final day. Not bad, is it? So I'll go ahead and make one more call.

Sunday will be the one of the exciting Sunday finishes in the 70-year history of the Senior PGA Championship. With the three finishing holes being maybe the best finishing holes in golf, when I say it will go down to the wire, I'm talking about the last putt of the last hole.

On another note, one of the greatest responsibilities and opportunities I have as the President of The PGA of America is the honor to be the spokesman for the 28,000 men and women professionals of our tremendous association. Much of what I do during a week like this week is to be sure that the public is aware of who we are and what we do.  If I could walk around and watch these great players all day, I'd love to do it. But this role is such a passion of mine.

Recently, we've been focusing on getting people to understand the importance and benefit of the golf industry to this great country. There are 15,000 golf facilities all over the United States that work so hard every day to deliver a great product and service to their customers. Last year, those same facilities raised an estimated $3.5 billion dollars for charity. They also provide more than two million jobs. That's pretty amazing.

Golf facilities are sustainable, they are enjoyable and they are vital. That's the message I've been pushing in many ways this week as well as watching great golf. So when I go on television like I did Saturday with NBC, I am there with a purpose, not simply as a representative, and I want to share this message with the entire world.

And finally, amid the excitement of a major championship and the emphasis on the importance of the golf industry, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about something dear to my heart and to The PGA of America. Monday is Memorial Day and The PGA of America takes the spirit and remembrance of Memorial Day very seriously. You know, in 1917, one year after the founding of The PGA of America, the association purchased an ambulance for our military. So our involvement with our troops goes back to World War I, and it remains very strong and crucial today for us.

One of our members, Dan Rooney, who also happens to be a member of our armed forces, started Patriot Golf Day and we've been very supportive and involved in that organization. That's just one way that honor those who serve and sacrifice for all of us. I want to wish all of the veterans and the current members of our armed forces a sincere message of gratitude and appreciation. I'm sure golf fans everywhere share this same sentiment.

So as you enjoy time with your friends and family this weekend, enjoy watching some great ballgames and superior major championship golf, I hope you're also remembering to remember the spirit of Memorial Day. Thank you all. See you Sunday!

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