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70th Senior PGA Championship

Interview Transcripts from the 70th Senior PGA Championship

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dave Stockton, Andy Bean, Bill Britton, Mark O'Meara and Jeff Roth (MS Word)

Tom Watson, Greg Norman and Kirk Hanefeld (MS Word)

Jay Haas, Chip Beck, James Blair, Chris Starkjohann, Robert Gibbons and Bernhard Langer (MS Word)

Larry Mize (MS Word)

Jon Fielder and Jeff Sluman (MS Word)

Michael Allen (MS Word)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jeff Roth and Jim White (MS Word)

Eduardo Romero and Jay Haas (MS Word)

Greg Norman, Bill Britton and Robert Gibbons (MS Word)

James Blair, Don Pooley, James Mason and Dave Stockton (MS Word)

Kirk Hanefeld and Fred Funk (MS Word)

Tim Simpson (MS Word)

Roger Chapman (MS Word)

Michael Allen (MS Word)

Tom Kite (MS Word)

Ross Drummond, Jay Don Blake, Mark McNulty, Chris Starkjohann and Bruce Fleisher (MS Word)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gil Morgan, Jim Logue, Joe Ozaki, Roy Vucinich, Greg Norman and Jim Sobb (MS Word)

Tom Kite and Mark O'Meara (MS Word)

Brad Bryant (MS Word)

Michael Allen (MS Allen)

Bob McGrath, Jim White, Sam Torrance and Mark McNulty (MS Word)

Roger Chapman, Russ Cochran, Jay Don Blake and Fran Marrello (MS Word)

Vincent Tortorici, Scott Davis, Chris Starkjohann and Traci Starkjohann (MS Word)

Jon Fielder, Brett Upper, Kirk Hanefeld and Cory George (MS Word)

Gary Robison and Mike Borich (MS Word)

Ross Drummond (MS Word)

Scott Hoch, Dan Forsman and Bernhard Langer (MS Word)

Jeff Roth, Fred Funk, Jeff Sluman and Tom Purtzer (MS Word)

Ron Vlosich, Robert Gibbons, Mile Malaska, Cleve Coldwater and Larry Mize (MS Word)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dave Stockton (MS Word)

Bernhard Langer (MS Word)

Scott Hoch (MS Word)

Domingo Hospital, Bill Loeffler, Perry Arthur, Chris Tucker, John Morse, Bill Britton, Gordon Brand, Gary Sowinski and Ross Drummond (MS Word)

Tom Purtzer (MS Word)

Mike Malaska, Gary Robison, Jeff Roth, Will Frantz, Robert Gibbons, Denis O'Sullivan and Brent Murray (MS Word)

Thomas Herzan, Mark James and Butch Sheehan (MS Word)

James Blair, Ron Vlosich, Bernhard Langer, Fred Holton and Robert Thompson MS Word)

Bob McGrath, Jim Woodward, Fuzzy Zoeller and Ian Woosnam (MS Word)

Juan Quiros, John Aubrey, John Cook, Jim White, Tom Kite and Constantino Rocca (MS Word)

Jim Logue, Nick Price, Greg Norman, Mark O'Meara and Roy Vucinich (MS Word)

Jim Sobb, Jeff Coston and Mike San Filippo (MS Word)

Jon Fielder and Fred Gibson (MS Word)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bernhard Langer (MS Word)

Fred Funk (MS Word)

Mark O'Meara (MS Word)

John Cook (MS Word)

Loren Roberts (MS Word)

Greg Norman (MS Word)

Jay Haas (MS Word)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kirk Hanefeld (MS Word)

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