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2010 Senior PGA Championship
Some of Michael Allen's favorite things. (Getty Images)

20 Questions with defending champion Michael Allen

Defending Senior PGA Champion Michael Allen tells us the answers to 20 random questions, some of which may surprise you and some of which may not.

1. Favorite course in the U.S.
Pebble Beach.

2. Favorite hole in the U.S.
That's a harder question. Might be No. 17 at Winged Foot (West), but it's hard to beat 7 or 8 at Pebble Beach ... or the 16th at Cypress Point.

3. Favorite course outside the U.S.
The Old Course at St. Andrews.

4. Favorite hole outside the U.S.
No. 7 at Old Head (Kinsale, Ireland), the par 3 up over the hill.

5. Favorite view in golf.
The bar at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course (Stateline, Nev.). Then again, sitting behind the 18th green at Pebble Beach is pretty spectacular, too.

6. Any golf superstitions?
I never start a round with any golf balls with the number 3 on them, and I only use pink and white tees.

7. Favorite meal.
My father-in-law's Seafood Fra Diavlo.

8. Where were you and how old were you the first time you broke par?
I was 13 at The Olympic Club, on the old Ocean Course, on a foggy morning with my father.

9. Favorite golf course architect.
Seth Raynor.

10. Best shot of your career.
I know the most pertinent one was the shot at the par-3 17th at the Senior PGA Championship. That's as good as I can hit a golf ball when I've needed to. (Allen hit a 229-yard 4-iron on the green and went on to make par, which allowed him to take a one-stroke lead to the 72nd hole.)

11. The one show you have to TiVo when you're on the road.
I've never TiVo'd anything in my life.

12. If you weren't a professional golfer, what would you be?
I love the stock market, but now I know I wouldn't be any good at that. Maybe a waiter.

13. Who fills out your dream foursome, golfers?
My father, Arnold Palmer and probably my buddy, Johnny.

14. Who fills out your dream foursome, non-golfers?
Ronald Reagan, Charles Barkley and Joe Montana.

15. Favorite movie.
"Tombstone" or "Animal House."

16 Favorite musician or group.
The Grateful Dead.

17. Favorite sporting event, non-golf.
The one I'd love to go to is Wimbledon.

18. Favorite sports team.
San Francisco 49ers.

19. Favorite athlete.
Joe Montana.

20. Who would you buy a ticket to watch?
Billy Joel and Elton John. I've seen them in concert together and they were phenomenal.

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