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Jim Remy, Nancy Bourne
PGA of America President Jim Remy was pleased to spend time with Nancy Bourne, the granddaughter of Alfred S. Bourne, who donated the trophy awarded the winner of the Senior PGA Championship each year. (Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America)

PGA President Remy shares a special thank you

This Senior PGA Championship was Jim Remy's sixth as a PGA officer, and it'll go down in history as one of the best. That's due, he says, to everyone who made the week possible.

By PGA of America President Jim Remy

PARKER, Colo. -- This 71st Senior PGA Championship was my sixth Senior PGA Championship as an officer of The PGA of America. It’s always been one of my favorite tournaments -- I feel like this championship has an atmosphere and a certain grandeur you just can’t find anywhere else. 

It has a special history and tradition, and if you’ve ever seen how the players here, the legends of the game, interact with the fans, you can’t help but love this championship. And even more, I’ve been truly fortunate that I’ve been involved in some of the best tournaments in Senior PGA Championship history.  But wow, how do you top this?

From the weather to the climate to the scenery, Colorado is just an incredible place for golf. And the golf course here was amazing. There were some eyebrows raised when we decided to come to Colorado Golf Club to stage a major championship, the course being so new and untested when we made our decision; but it certainly seems obvious that that was a great move by our tournaments department.

There are so many great things to remember about this week, I just wanted to take a moment here and say, “Thank You.” The players were tremendous, most of all, our champion Tom Lehman -- who by the way, started his professional golf career as a club professional. I met Nancy Bourne this week, the granddaughter of Alfred S. Bourne, the gentleman who donated our trophy for this championship, the largest in golf. She is simply a wonderful person. The staff of Colorado Golf Club, our PGA of America staff, the Colorado PGA Section all really raised the bar this year with the level of detail and attention they gave to everything associated with this championship. They were truly outstanding and we are so blessed to be surrounded by professionals that care so much about this championship.

But most of all, I want to recognize the volunteers.  You know, golf is the only sport where its major championships -- its most important tournaments -- are staffed by and large by volunteers. From the committee chairs to the men and women who takes time off from their jobs to man the gallery ropes at the practice range, we could not do this without them. And the Colorado community came out in droves – as volunteers and as fans. We truly enjoyed our time here and offer our most sincere gratitude to everyone that came out and supported this wonderful event.

Today, and this week in fact, was a win for everyone. It just goes to show that people and groups can accomplish virtually anything if they cooperate, collaborate and really put some sweat equity into their grand plans. I’ve always said that golf is about people -- it’s always been about people. And this championship happened in the successful, exciting and tremendous way that it did because of the people involved.

I’m always exceedingly proud of the 28,000 men and women that make up The PGA of America, and I’m always extremely proud of our amazing staff; but following a week like this, I’m really overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. These people, behind the scenes for the most part, are really what makes this exciting events as wonderful as they are. They make all of us in the leadership of The PGA incredibly proud.

This Senior PGA Championship will be hard to beat, there’s no other way to put it.  It was a great, great success by virtually every measure. But I know the good men and women at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky., are eager to give them a run next year. I’ll be there as Honorary President of The PGA. I hope I get a chance to see you there, too. If it’s anything like this week, you won’t want to miss it.


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