Interview Transcripts

Interview Transcripts from the 72nd Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid. All transcripts will open as a Microsoft Word document.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

-- Tim Parun Quick Quotes
-- Keith Reese, Ken Martin and Mike San Filippo Quick Quotes
-- Stu Ingrahan Quick Quotes
-- Sonny Skinner Quick Quotes
-- Gene Fieger and Kirk Hanefeld Quick Quotes
--Mike Lawrence, Lee Rinker, Matt Seitz and Mark Faulkner Quick Quotes
-- Jim Woodward Quick Quotes
--Eduardo Romero, Peter Senior, Trevor Dodds, Nick Price and Kiyoshi Murota Quick Quotes
-- David Eger
-- Tom Watson

Saturday, May 28, 2011

-- Sonny Skinner
-- Gene Fieger
-- Jeff Sluman
-- Stu Ingraham
-- Tom Lehman and Matt Seitz
-- Kirk Hanefeld
-- Mark Faulkner
-- Tom Watson
-- Kiyoshi Murota
-- Jim Woodward
-- Ken Martin
-- Lee Rinker
-- Hale Irwin

Friday, May 27, 2011

-- Mike Lawrence, Olin Browne, Chris Campbell, Perry Arthur, -- Mark Keating and Ken Green Quick Quotes
-- Olin Browne
-- Loren Roberts
-- Nick Price
-- Hale Irwin
-- Tim Parun, Mike Lawrence, Matt Sietz and Lee Rinker Quick Quotes
-- Kenny Perry, Loren Roberts, Gene Fieger, Eduardo Romero, Nick Price, Hale Irwin, Bob Tway, Tom Lehman, Mark Calcavecchia and Tom Pernice Jr. Quick Quotes
-- Bill Britton, Gary Hallberg, Craig Stadler, Darrell Kestner, Morris Hatalsky and Mike San Filippo Quick Quotes
-- Kiyoshi Murota
-- Jim Woodward, Ted Shultz, Jeff Roth, Mark Faulkner and David Eger Quick Quotes
-- Tom Watson and Hal Sutton Quick Quotes

Thursday, May 26, 2011

-- Kiyoshi Murota
-- Trevor Dodds
-- Ted Shultz, Lonnie Nielsen, Jim Woodward and Chris Starkjohann Quick Quotes
-- Mark O'Meara
-- Brian Kelly, Mark Faulkner, Bruce Vaughn, Jon Fiedler, Tom -- Watson, Jay Haas, Stu Ingraham, Mike Diffley, Tim White and Jim White Quick Quotes
-- Sonny Skinner Quick Quotes
-- Tom Atchison, Butch Sheehan, David Arbuckle, Ken Martin and Dan Hornig Quick Quotes
-- Kirk Hanefeld

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

-- Robert Thompson
-- Ken Green
-- Tom Lehman
-- Hale Irwin
-- John Cook
-- Mark Brooks
-- Kenny Perry