2013 senior pga

Quick Quotes from FRED FUNK

Q. Talk about your day a little bit.  Early birdies on 4 and 7. 

FRED FUNK:  Yeah, I played really good on the front.  I kind of just sloppy on, missed a really little one on 2 and another little one on 8.  And then I had a really easy up and down on 9 and I didn't get up and down. 

So three shots I kind of let go there.  And three opportunities. 

Then back nine I just played real solid.  I birdied 17, so I'm pleased with that.  I didn't hit the ball as good on the back as I did on the front.  But overall it was pretty good.  And I felt a lot better.  I didn't have the vertigo today. 

Q.  You mentioned that yesterday.  It's all cleared up now?

FRED FUNK:  It's cleared up today.  I had it earlier in the week and it went away and then it came back.

Q.  You mentioned it yesterday after your round. 

FRED FUNK:  Yeah, I'm sleeping sitting up and just trying to keep my head right here, so I don't go down or up.

Q.  How about the course, did it change much after the rain?

FRED FUNK:  No, no, it was good.  It good a little breezy.  It's settled down now again, but it got a little breezy on that whole back nine. 

And when we turned back in on 14 in, 14, 15, 16, 17, were into the wind pretty good.  And then it kind of died.  Seemed like it dies when it goes downwind.  But Murphy's law. 

But it played good.  I don't know how much rain, I guess we probably didn't even have a measurable amount.  But it, the course is holding up great. 

Q.  No mud balls or anything?

FRED FUNK:  No, no not at all.  Not even close.

Q.  Looking forward to tomorrow?  You'll probably be Top 8.  What do you think you'll need to shoot?

FRED FUNK:  I got to shoot a really low one to have a chance to win.  But I would love to go out there and just play a real solid game and get my putter hot and shoot a 65 or something like that.  Get a low round of the week.  That would be my goal, get a low round of the week and then go from there.

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