2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. (Inaudible.)

BOB GAUS: Played pretty good. One birdie today. I bogeyed the very last hole. I hit it in the rough. Barely in the rough. I caught a bad lie. Just laid it up, hit a bad chip shot and 2 putted and plus three. So we'll see.

Q. Is the course harder today?

BOB GAUS: No, because there's no wind ... well, there's wind, but not as much as yesterday, different wind direction.

What's hard is the pin placements. It's hard to make a birdie unless you're really zeroed in on your iron game. And, boy, I was just trying to hit middle of the greens, just give myself chances. But the pins were tougher today.

Q. Did they move some tee boxes box?

BOB GAUS: They moved 6 back. That par 3's playing pretty tough. Lucky to make par there. But 1, 10, 18, 15, all good holes. I've yet to par 1 and 10. So I'm 4 over on those two holes and 3 over for the tournament. So, technically, I would be right in it. Let's just hope I make the cut and see what happens.

Q. What did you birdie?

BOB GAUS: Second hole, No. 2. That was it. Bogey 1, birdie 2.

Q. What did you hit there?

BOB GAUS: I hit a little 9 iron or 9 iron about 15 feet and sang it, so. A little down hiller.

Just, you know, when you play with somebody like the guys I play with, they show you how to hit it a little more straighter and more accurate with their irons and especially their driver. So that's what I need to work on. If I keep missing fairways I'm not going to have many birdie chances.

Q. That's what you told me before the tournament.

BOB GAUS: Usually that's the best part of my game, I drive it pretty straight. But I'm not out here with the gateway guys, it's a little different. So we're working on it though.

Q. Do you feel pretty good, you didn't?

BOB GAUS: I feel great. You know what I feel good about.

Q. Have you made a cut before?

BOB GAUS: No, this might be the first one I've made. But I played really well the whole way, both days, didn't do anything stupid, no double bogeys. And I felt pretty comfortable for once in one of these things. So we'll see what happens.


Q. First off, talk about your experience this week, being a last minute addition and getting to play in the group that you did?

BUD LINTELMAN: Yeah, I mean, you know, what a dream come true. Obviously I've played poorly, but I'm still, I was so happy to be here and these guys, Tom and Peter, were outstanding to play golf with.

I didn't ... they treated me like one of the TOUR veterans, basically, and it was quite a pleasure. They're great golfers and great people.

Q. What was the course like this week?

BUD LINTELMAN: Well, it was very difficult. It's a hard golf course, if you don't drive it in the fairway particularly, then it's going to be, then it's very difficult. And it's long. So you got to hit it solid and in the fairway.

So, for me, I knew going into the practice rounds that it was going to be a tough task, and I, honestly, I was kind of realistically hoping to be able to shoot around par or actually even under 75 I thought was a good score for myself.

But anyway, I didn't quite do that well, but it was certainly a great experience.


Q. Just describe your round today.

JERRY TUCKER: Well, I played pretty good today. 73 in a Major is not bad for me. Gave it a go. I tried, I knew I was trying to finish par, birdie, birdie and I went par, birdie and hit a tree on the last hole.

But yesterday was what got me. Playing in the rain and all that in the afternoon we got the short end of the stick maybe. But that's the way these go. So it was tough to go low yesterday. But overall I'm satisfied.

Q. Well what was the differences between today's round and yesterday's?

JERRY TUCKER: Well I had some more birdie chances today. Yesterday when I did hit greens ... I hit 12 greens yesterday, which is not bad, but I kept leaving myself 50, 60 feet. You're not going to make birdies that way. I had quite a few chances today. So I hit the ball a little better and putted a little bit better.

Q. Overall, how was the experience for you this week?

JERRY TUCKER: First class. Memorable. One of the pinnacles of my career. I played in a total of 17 Major, but this one, it ranks right at the top.


Q. Talk about your round today. Improved, what, by three?

J.C. ANDERSON: Yeah, I was three better, but I actually putted better today. I ended up 7 over for the tournament, I was 7 over for nine holes yesterday. So can I make three quarters of a cut?


No, you know, I did hit two balls in the water today on the same hole. But other than that it was a better round, a little more solid round than yesterday. That nine holes yesterday, it's still in the back of my mind today. It's disappointing to not make the cut here, but at least I came back and didn't mail it in, you know.

Q. What was the difference between today and yesterday?

J.C. ANDERSON: Well, yes, sure, we caught that squall yesterday afternoon in the rain, that was sort of tough. But you can't complain about the conditions. Golf course is great, finally got some sun today, so the greens were wonderful today. It seemed like it was, they seemed a little smoother this morning and the putts were rolling better today.

Q. What's kind of your final thoughts or take aways from the week?

J.C. ANDERSON: Well, I'm sad again that I'm not going to play on the weekend in front of, because I got a lot of friend and family here, but I'm glad to see that some of my fellow players, Bob Gaus is probably going to make the cut. So that's really good. Good for our section. And it gives good representation for us.