2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. First of all, just talk about your round today.

DES SMYTH: Well there wasn't much to talk about. It wasn't a very good day. I shot 76 today. I played nicely all week, I was hoping to get out there and shoot a low round, but I got into trouble here on and the golf course got on top of me.

Q. Was the course harder today?

DES SMYTH: Not really, no. It was a very fair golf course. A great golf course, demanding, you can't miss the pins in the wrong places, otherwise getting up and down is very difficult. And that's where I was most of the day, on the wrong side.

So no, the course is terrific. It rewards good golf. It's one of the great courses.

Q. And changing course, but there's a side story on practice ranges. I was wondering, like, is there any practice range that stands out to you that's just kind of the best that you have used prior to a tournament?

DES SMYTH: Well practice ranges vary. I think what players like about a practice ground is good turf. In fact the one here is great. Because it's zoysia grass, which is a firm turf. So it was very nice to practice off. A lot of people go in for these sand practice grounds, but they don't work. Because everything disintegrates. You need something with a firm base and a nice bit of grass on top.

Q. And is there a certain one that stands out?

DES SMYTH: Well there is one, but it's a long way from here. I think it's out in Qatar in the Middle East. I remember whenever we got on that range we thought, wow, this is the best.


Q. Do you want to talk a little about your round today from start to finish? Up and down day?

PETER FOWLER: Oh, very up and down. Yeah. Sort of not very good driving today and I putted abysmally.

Q. How was the course playing today?

PETER FOWLER: Good. Playing good. Very good. Not much wrong. It's playing a good length. The greens are difficult, although you can stop them on the green okay. If you don't drive it in the fairway it makes it difficult.

Q. The PGA.com writer is doing a feature story and they selected about 20 of you. This is kind of a random question. Are there a couple driving ranges that you've encountered throughout European the United States that kind of stand out, where you've practiced? Is there any that kind of stand out in your mind?

PETER FOWLER: The American ones are probably the best facilities around the world. The players demand good quality and you got a lot more green staff over here than you have around the world, so you probably got three or four times as many green staff. So it's only natural that its better.

Q. Is there any driving ranges that stick out over here in the United States?

PETER FOWLER: No, they're all fairly similar. I think the best ones are ones that got bigger putting greens. Some of them are too small and you can't fit more than half a dozen people on the putting green. And chipping greens are far too small. Chipping greens should be four times the size of a real green, but they usually are about a quarter of the size of a real green. So I don't know why that is. But because you can't practice, it's really difficult to practice shots inside of 60 yards.

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