2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: ROGER CHAPMAN, STEPHEN AMES, MARK BROOKS and JAMES MASON

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: ROGER CHAPMAN, STEPHEN AMES, MARK BROOKS and JAMES MASON

May 23, 2014


Q. How did it go out there today?

ROGER CHAPMAN: If I could putt, I would be within a shot of it over the two days.

I left a lot of putts short, on line, just can't get the pace of them this year, they're quite slow.

I suppose, realistically, I should be 3 or 4 under. So playing okay, just got to get the putts in.

Q. What do you look forward to changing anything over the weekend other than your putting?

ROGER CHAPMAN: I might change the putter. No, just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm giving myself chances, so it would be nice to convert them. That's all there is, really, just try and convert the putts.


Q. What are your overall thoughts on how things went today on the course?

STEPHEN AMES: It was good. I played well. I expected to make a couple bogeys, with the wind and the some of the pin placements, but it's expected. So I played well overall though. I was happy with it.

Q. Now being towards the top of the leaderboard, what's your mentality heading into the weekend?

STEPHEN AMES: Mentality? Fire at every flag. Have as much fun as I normally do. Nothing's going to change.


Q. You don't like to bogey a par 5.

MARK BROOKS: No, but I thought I hit a great third shot, so when it was in the air, I thought I hit it perfect. The wind just kind of beat it down. I kind of got in a funny spot.

But I played good. I actually played a little better today. I just didn't makes a many putts.

Q. That would have been hard from what you did yesterday, with the way you putted.

MARK BROOKS: Well, I missed some yesterday. I mean, dude.

Q. The stats say you had 21 putts yesterday.

MARK BROOKS: Well, you're going to be on a lot of edges. You can end up just off the green ... I think I only chipped two or three times yesterday, so I putted from just off the green, so that turns into a one putt on the stats, they're very misleading. I'm not a stat guy, okay.

If there's rough, hitting fairways are important and these fairways are pretty generous here, for the most part. So, no, I'm not a big stat guy, the stat that counts is what you shoot, so.

Q. Your results so far this year would not have indicated that this was imminent. Is there a reason why you're playing so well this week?

MARK BROOKS: I think the sporadic schedule is a little tougher on me. I'm not ... I don't like playing a week and then have two weeks off and then a couple weeks and a couple weeks off. And that's pretty much been the way it is from January until now. I think we played more than a couple weeks in a row.

So I like to play and it's been very difficult going home and our weather has been really nasty in Dallas/Fort Worth area. So it's not been a very good year for getting your golf game going.

Q. Regardless of how you had played this week, would you play at 

MARK BROOKS: I've been doing it this a long time, dude. I mean, you can miss, you could miss eight cuts in a row and win the next tournament. We know how to do it, I know how to play golf, so, you know, it's ... I'm not being a smart alec either, it could happen at any moment. So I'm not surprised when I play good. I'm more surprised when I play bad.

Q. Would you play the PGA Championship, regardless of winning here or as past champion?

MARK BROOKS: I don't have to win here to play the PGA Championship. Yeah, I plan on playing this year. I do plan on playing this year.


Q. Would you let me know your overall thoughts on how things went for you today.

JAMES MASON: I played pretty well, I actually got it back to even par with five or six holes to go and couldn't bring it into the house.

I hit one wayward drive over there on 14, knocked it in the hazard.

I just ... and then bogeyed 17.

But I played pretty well overall.

Q. What are your thoughts on the course now after two days and practicing this week?

JAMES MASON: I thought they did a very good setup today. They gave you some chances, one, to knock it on the par 4 and moved up a par 5, and they played a couple of par 3s fairly short.

So the greens, they're tough, they're very tough and very penal, but they gave us a good golf course, I think, to play today.

Q. What would it mean to you to play this weekend?

JAMES MASON: Oh, it would be great. I should be okay, I would think, but it was, you know, plus 2, almost trending on 3. So it should be, I'm going to guess, 4 or 5. That would be my thinking. I think 3 should make it fairly easy.

Q. What's your mentality heading into the weekend?

JAMES MASON: Just try and make birdies. There ain't many of them out there, but I'm going to try to make them.

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