2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: STEEN TINNING

Q. Great round today.  Second bogey free round of the tournament.  How did you play out there today?

STEEN TINNING:  I played really good.  I hit a lot of great shots today and when I sort of didn't hit a good shot, I was always left with an easy up and down.  So it was a good day, really good day. 

Q.  We hear that you're using a local caddie from Lost Dunes.  How is that going?  How is the relationship between you and him?

STEEN TINNING:  Shawn is great.  He's relaxed and that helps me a lot.  He has lived around here, he knows the course, so it's just a really good add on to the bag. 

Q.  What do you got to do this weekend?  You're tied for the lead with five other guys, so what do you have to do to separate yourself from the pack?

STEEN TINNING:  I think I got to do more of what I've done today.  Yesterday I wasn't comfortable on the golf course.  I was 5 over on the front and 4 under on the back.  But I wasn't even comfortable on the back. 

Today I got a lot more comfortable, I just got to relax.  This is great practice for me, playing with these big fellows, so tomorrow I just got to try and do what I do best, and that's go and play my game and then see how I come out at the end of the day. 

Q.  Lastly, talk about the course condition a little bit.  Everyone's been talking about how it's coming in.  So what do you think about it?

STEEN TINNING:  Well, I think it's a fabulous golf course.  From tee to green it's some of the best I've seen.  It suits the eye, I think it's beautiful.  The greens are very undulated and it makes it a big challenge, sometimes too big, I think.  But it's amazing they have gotten it in this good of condition. 

It looks like one of these pictures you see on a card or something.  It's a very beautiful golf course.

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