2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: STEVE PATE

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: STEVE PATE

May 23, 2014

Q. Tell us how you played today. It looked like you came in really well at the end and played really well.

STEVE PATE: I played really well. I made three long putts early and didn't really make anything the rest of the day, you about I played real solid.

I 2 putted from cross country several times, which is not that easy to do out here. Played nicely. I hit it close a few times. I didn't a lot of times, but they were on the greens and it was adventurous on the greens.

Q. Definitely. Just talk about what you're looking forward to this weekend. You're going to be in great position coming into the weekend, what do you have to change, certain things you got to change a little bit tweak in your game?

STEVE PATE: I need to drive it a little better. I hit a lot of fairway, but I only hit three drives on the club face all day. Fortunately, one of them was on the last hole, on No. 9, where I could knock it on in two. But other than that just keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. Your nines are a little different, it seems like it's a tale of two nines here. Do you enjoy playing on 1 or starting on 10 here, it's a little different.


Q. Good answer. You would rather start at 18 and be done. Does it change your game plan at all?

STEVE PATE: No, it's funny, because I played really well on the back yesterday and I made a double and a bogey and shot even, but I don't know, I think the back side  I don't know, to my  the back side to me just looks like there's more opportunities to score. I think the five pars on that side are a little easier.

Q. Lastly, talk about the golf course, the shape it's in, comparatively to other golf courses or just comparatively to

STEVE PATE: It's in good shape. The greens are very good, they're slow, I think they have to be, because of the slopes in them.

Fairways are much better than they were two years ago. They have matured a little bit. They're still soft in spots, but the course is in very good shape.

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