2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. (Inaudible.)

HALE IRWIN: The great part of this week has been, secondarily, the tournament, but having everybody here. Steve's in from Denver and our daughter Becky lives here with all the grand kids, so that's been special.

Q. 5 over for the tournament. Just reflect back on your weekend.

HALE IRWIN: Very disappointing. I had come in early and got in some good practice rounds. Hitting the ball very nicely, and once the tournament got under way I lost my rhythm and boy it's been a struggle the last few days.

There's some things I need to improve upon, maybe it's the mental approach more than anything else, because physically I feel fine. I just did not hit the ball well. Each day got a little worse, it seemed like. It's a mystery. That's golf. I seem to be stuck on 73 right now. But at least I got under par on the back nine today, which was an accomplishment.

Q. Did the bad shots creep into your mind and hang with you longer than you expected them to?

HALE IRWIN: Well, hitting a bad shot, I don't really think about that one for the next one, but it's just the tempo. My tempo was off. I couldn't find the right rhythm. And I got into a swing that I just couldn't get out of, particularly on a course as exacting and long as Bellerive is, because it just exposes your weaknesses and I had plenty of them.

Q. I was over with some people in the gallery and they were marvelling over the fact that here's this 68 year old man who just went four rounds her at Bellerive and that accomplishment alone means a lot.

HALE IRWIN: Well, I'm not yet 68. Give me another week. I got another week. Eight more days.

But I don't really think of that. I really don't. I think that the plus side to all that is I've got a lot of experience. The bad side of that is I got a lot of experience.

Q. We started off talking about the family, you have your grand daughter right here. How would you like for her to think about grand dad and his performance here?

HALE IRWIN: I just hope she remembers she had a good time here with mimi and papa. That's important. It's not so much, I think, the little things in life, it's the big picture. And the big picture is it's family time and we have had a marvelous week with everybody and that we'll always remember.



Q. Talk about your round and I know you had birdies on 8 and 16.

DON BERRY: Yeah, I hit it a little better today. I made a, actually on 8 I hit it right next to the green in two and kind of flubbed a chip and then chipped it in.

16, I made about a 40 footer, but otherwise I missed a lot of putts. I missed four in a row from inside four feet on the front nine and kind of struggled with the putter But I hit it better and I've got good feelings about the day.

Q. This was your first PGA, Senior PGA as a club pro, kind of maybe recap how your week was, what you'll take away, what you'll remember from this week?

DON BERRY: Just a great golf course and getting a chance to play with all these great players. Shoot, on Monday I came out and played a practice round with Tom Kite and Andy North. I never played with two U.S. Open champions before. So just seeing these guys and watching them how they play and stuff, that was really fun for me.

Q. Any general final thoughts on Bellerive?

DON BERRY: I loved it. What a great golf course. Great fans. It was just fantastic.

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