2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. Talk about your round today.

FRANCISCO MINOZA: Well, I didn't hit it very good, but my short game was good today.

Q. Nine 1 putts. Talk about that. Did you have that putter on fire today or what?

FRANCISCO MINOZA: Well, that's mostly like 4 footers, 5 footers.

Q. How did the golf course play compared to yesterday?

FRANCISCO MINOZA: Well, it's a little bit easier today than yesterday, because yesterday it was raining and windy.

Q. In contention at minus one. How do you feel going into the weekend?

FRANCISCO MINOZA: Yeah, I feel good. I hope that this one will continue up to Sunday.


Q. Talk about your round a little bit. Five birdies?

WILLIE WOOD: Five birdies and I putted terrific today. The best putting round I've had of the year. I actually chipped in twice. I didn't drive the ball very good. Hopefully, if I can put the ball in the fairway this weekend, I can have a real good tournament.

Q. What was the big difference from yesterday to today?

WILLIE WOOD: Oh, mainly just making those putts. I haven't added up my total putts per round today, but it was in the low 20s, I believe.

Q. How was the course playing today versus yesterday?

WILLIE WOOD: A little longer. They set it up, they set the tees back a little further. Because the golf course is drying out and so it's a little nicer day. So they made it a little harder today. But it's a good day to score because it's not cold and windy and so I'm sure there will be some really good scores out there.

Q. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

WILLIE WOOD: I'm looking forward to putting it in the fairway and making a bunch of birdies.


Q. Talk about your start today. A birdie on 1.

MARK WIEBE: Well, actually, I hit my drive left in the rough, couldn't get to the green, I hit a 4 iron and tried to run it up on the green and it's too wet to do that, so it stayed about eight paces short. Didn't like my lie. So I chipped with a 4 iron and just tried to hit a chip and run shot. And made a great shot and it went in. So I went, oh, well, it was looking like bogey, right? And it turned into birdie.

Q. That had to make you feel good for a great start.

MARK WIEBE: No doubt. Well, it's been a scramble for two days. So I'm really, I've been struggling off the tee and not hitting many fairways, not hitting it very solid. But I'm playing really good. There's a big difference between hitting it good and playing good. And I'm playing the game good.

Not hitting it very good. So it's been a struggle. But I'm proud of myself for, to be 1 under after two rounds is, wow, that was no bogeys yesterday, I had one birdie, and I hit like eight or nine greens yesterday. So.

Q. How did the course play today overall?

MARK WIEBE: It's a hard golf course. It played a little dryer, I would say, than yesterday, which is hard to believe with all the rain they had. But it's a hard golf course. If you're off line, it's tough. The rough's penal, at least.

Q. How do you feel going into the weekend, right in contention?

MARK WIEBE: Well I feel like if I can find out how to hit the ball in the fairway a little bit and maybe hit a couple more greens I think I would have a shot. But that's a long way away for me right now. Roger Maltbie, I've known for 30 or 40 years, and he just told me some stuff that he saw, because he was following our group, because of Duffy, and he gave me a couple tips to work on on the range. So I'm going to go have lunch and try to relax for a second and then I'm going to be right back at it, trying to figure it out.


Q. I understand that this is your first trip to the United States. Is that correct?

KOHKI IDOKI: It's the first time to visit the United States and my chance is very high, so the first tee is very hard for me hitting the ball.

Q. This is his very first trip to the United States in any capacity?

KOHKI IDOKI: First time in my life.

Q. So you've been playing all your golf in Japan or other countries?

KOHKI IDOKI: I played just only in Japan, so that's it. I have an opportunity to play in the British Senior Open and I made the cut.

Q. Oh, great. Fantastic.

KOHKI IDOKI: That was the first time to play in the other country.

Q. What is your first impressions of the United States having been here for a few days now? What's your first impressions?

KOHKI IDOKI: I think there are many happy people in the United States because when I made the bogey, the other players cheered for any players.

Q. I don't understand that. Could you go over that again, please.

KOHKI IDOKI: If I hit a bogey, people doesn't cheer that he missed it. They respect any kind of good play.

Q. How do you feel about your play these first two rounds? Because you're doing very well. How do you feel about your position in the championship?

KOHKI IDOKI: I feel very comfortable to make the cut and I would like to take a lot out of it and I want to take care of my body in Japan.

Q. Do you like the food in America that you've seen so far? The food. The restaurants.

KOHKI IDOKI: The food in the clubhouse is a very good taste, because the people are very, the people here are good cooks and taking care of guests.

Q. You can handle American foods?

KOHKI IDOKI: I like roast beef and sushi, that kind of food.

Q. The caddie, very nice caddie. Who is this?

KOHKI IDOKI: She's a professional caddie in Japan so I brought her all the time.

Q. What's her name?


Q. A Y A. And last name is?

KOHKI IDOKI: Miosaki (sp).

Q. Very good. You have to feel good that you made the cut in the Senior British Open  last year?

KOHKI IDOKI: Yes, last year.

Q. Now here you made cut here. So you're among the Top 20 already, so.

KOHKI IDOKI: It is okay.


Q. Describe your round today.

GIL MORGAN: Well, it was kind of up and down. I made a few good plays and then I made some, too many bogeys today. That's basically what happened.

Q. Can you talk about the eagle that you had on the 17th.

GIL MORGAN: Well, I just hit a pretty good drive and then I hit a 3 wood down there about, oh, maybe eight feet and I was able to negotiate it right in there.

Q. Any particular areas that you think you need to improve on for the rest of the tournament to move up?

GIL MORGAN: Yeah I'm just  I mishit a few irons and I misdirected a few drives and so I'll probably go work on that a little bit today.


Q. How did your round go today?

HALE IRWIN: Well I think I played at least as well as yesterday, but we see a three shot differential. I said yesterday that I managed what I had, I didn't manage it quite as well today. I had a few more birdie opportunities yesterday than today. The course played long. It was, even though we had good weather it was still, at least this morning, it played quite long and those finishing holes are big boy holes. I made a couple mistakes coming down the stretch  or I shouldn't say the stretch, but the back nine, you just can't do it and be a contender.

Q. Just a hair away from birdie on 18. That looked good.

HALE IRWIN: It did. I had hoped that  it was a long hole. When you're back there at 220 yards and trying to hit a little plateau up there, you you're kind of hoping just to give me a four and let me go to the house. And a bonus three would have been big.

But I'm not at all unhappy. I haven't played all that well over the last month or two and things are kind of coming together, I'm still hitting some way ward shots, but again, like I said yesterday, I seem to be managing those okay.

Q. How about the galleries for you and the support for you?

HALE IRWIN: Well, it's good. The problem yesterday, we had a lot of rain and it was  not a lot of rain, but it was not the kind of day that anybody would want to go out there and follow. And today we got good crowds. They're very supportive and I appreciate that a lot.

Q. How do you estimate your chances now?

HALE IRWIN: I got to play quite well over the weekend. I got to shoot 3 or 4 under just about every day, I think, depending upon how the course plays. If we have this kind of weather that depending upon the hole locations, it's a big golf course and there's some holes out there, particularly the fifth hole is quite long, sixth, the long par 3 is playing very difficult. 10, the converted five par to a four is really tough. 18's playing very long. 15, 16 are playing long. So if you can get lucky and get in there and post a 3 or 4 under each day, kind of look at it and see what happens.

I'm making some bad swings and I'll go out on the practice tee and I'll fix it, and then when I get out on the golf course I'm not taking my range game to the golf course right now. And years ago I can remember I didn't have a range game, it was terrible, I would go to the golf course and it was quite good.

So I think just I'm not playing with the confidence that I think I need to. I'm not really taking what I'm, what's given to me and using it effectively. I'm kind of going against some of my instincts and I got to change that or either that or just go on a long vacation.

Q. You're obviously one of the older guys out here, talk about your competitiveness and how much has that played into the fact that you are still out here demanding a lot out of yourself.

HALE IRWIN: Well, I think if you demand any less of what you feel capable of doing, then you're cheating yourself and you might as well just go home.

I think that I was born competitive. I'm sorry if it offends anybody, I just, I was born with that DNA. And my efforts to play as well as I can and a step above, that's always been there. My goals have always been to reach for the brass ring, but it just has to be a long reach. And that keeps me trying. And if you achieve those goals, then you feel very good about things.

And what I think I have done, I've probably got that brass ring a little too far out there right now. I need to move it in, be more satisfied with some steady play, rather than spectacular play. I think that I need to be more concerned about steady play.

And over the next couple days, hit more fairways, which I did today, I drove the ball poorly yesterday, but I hit more fairways today, but I'm still not hitting very good irons. So I need to just forget where the flag is and try to put it in some bulls eye in the fat part of the green away from the flag to give myself some chances, then I think I would have to be satisfied with that.

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