2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. What was working for you out there?

NEAL LANCASTER:  I just got off to a good start, I actually just got off to a good start.  I think I was 3 under through 4.  And I got a good break on the 8th hole and made a birdie.

And actually from there in I struggled.  I probably got up and down five times.  I started trying to relax and the more I tried to relax the more uptight I got.  So, this damn game, I don't know why nobody wants to play it.

Q.  After 11 you were 5 under, you probably were feeling pretty good at that point.

NEAL LANCASTER:  Yeah, and I 3 putted 12.  But I hit a really bad shot.  I had a hundred foot putt.

But, coming in, 15, 16, are good holes into the wind.  14.  They're playing a little into the wind.  But it looks like the wind is laying down.  And it's firming up a little bit.  Everybody got a little pressure on them and it is Major, so everybody's hopefully choking a little bit like I was doing.

Q.  You go 73, 71, 71, 67, so you got better all the way in.

NEAL LANCASTER:  I used the long putter.  I was using the long putter for about five weeks and went back to the short putter today.  And it's the first time I picked one up in five weeks.  And I actually hit it really close on the front nine and made a few.

But I just, I still am not performing like I want to, as far as from tee to green.  I wasn't striking the ball very well.  But I got around with 67, which is good.  Would love to have four of those, I would be right there.

Q.  Talk about 18th.  That was a big up and down for you.

NEAL LANCASTER:  I hit it left of the green and actually didn't hit a great drive and I was actually thinking, man, I would really like to chip this in, this would be some big money if I could chip this in.

I hit a good chip and almost chipped it in.  But I was going to hit a different club and my caddie put me on the right club and luckily I just left it in the right place.  It was a straight uphill chip and it was very makeable.  I just didn't get it done.

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