2013 senior pga



Q. I was wondering, a lot of stuff has been happening to a lot of people on the back nine, not all of it has been good.  But you seem to obviously make a little bit of a move here and I just wonder what it was like for you coming in today. 

ROD SPITTLE:  Well, I wish I had a brilliant answer for you, first of all, but my strategy from the, from day one from Thursday has been exactly the same and will not change for tomorrow.  And that's just to drive it in the fairway and hit it on the greens.

And I just had it in position to make a couple of putts on the back nine, which is always nice.  But again, you, I'm sure you, as everybody else has told you, it's such a, it's such a brutal golf course if you get it in the wrong place.  I mean I just tried to keep it real simple and I never, after the rough start I had on Thursday afternoon, kind of the first nine holes, everything has been pretty solid and again, like I said, I made three birdies on the back nine, just had it in good spots and the greens are so smooth, especially after the rain, it slowed down just a little bit, so it was pretty good to make putts.

Q.  How far was the bomb on the last hole?

ROD SPITTLE:  I don't know.  You have to tell me.  I would say 30 feet, maybe 35 feet.  I just told Jimmy, I wasn't chasing the pin, it was kind of a little bit tucked on that right side, and I had a good yardage.  I guess we had about 168 pin or so with a breeze behind us.  So I just hate smooth 8 iron left of the pin like that.  And I was just trying to make four and again I wish I had a more glamorous answer for you, but it's nice that it went in. 

Q.  How sweet was it to end the round on a shot like that?

ROD SPITTLE:  Oh, it was great.  I really didn't pay much attention to the score.  I made the two on 16, that was huge.  And then because again I hit a good shot in and made it from about, I don't know, 10 or 12 feet, I guess.  And then on 18, I was just trying to hit it a little bit pin high left of the, a little bit left of the pin, I should say.  And so again it's just a great way to finish a round.

Q.  You've been asked before, but your story is somewhat fascinating.  To be an amateur player until you're 50 and then come out here and you have all your championships on the table the last round of the 2011   

ROD SPITTLE:  Yeah, that's pretty much it.  It was 2010.  I won the last tournament    again, my, the quick version, again, not to bore you guys, but again, our game, my dream was always to play again.  And after finishing college and again I played at Ohio State of course with John Cook and Joey Sindelar who are great guys and great gentlemen.  And I just thought I could always play.  I won like two Canadian Amateurs when I was in school and I just chose not to chase the life style of traveling and being away from my family, like John and Joey did.  So that's again my hat continues to go off to them because of that. 

So we, again, we turned pro at 49.  Our kids were grown.  They're now, we have three kids, they're 34, our daughter is 34, we had two boys, 32 and 29, two grand daughters.  And it just seemed to make sense. 

We put a five year plan together.  Truly, as you probably have heard and, again, I knew, obviously, not playing the Regular Tour, our game plan was to work our way on to the Champions Tour, which is what I did for a couple years playing the Monday qualifiers and basically learned how to play again at this level.  And fortunately as we were kind of winding down and I was beginning to did you see off my resume, I won the last tournament of the year in 2010 in San Antonio and that brought us, that changed everything.  That changed everything. 

So it is    my job now is just to keep this job as long as I can.  So it's been    we have been very blessed.

Q.  Were you seriously half step away from going back and selling insurance?

ROD SPITTLE:  Yeah, closer than you probably want to know.  Closer than we probably both want to know.  And again, it wasn't that    because we had truly, we said five years, and I was getting ready to go back to TOUR school that fall.  Because that was the fall of 2010.  And I absolutely, up until that time, I had played pretty well and we had made a little bit of money.  I think, I forget where we finished on the Money List, but I played enough and probably played 18 or 20 or 30 tournaments by then and, but again, it's just so    and you know all this    it's just not playing the Regular Tour, to come and play full time is kind of challenging.  And that was more so than coming out to play golf, really. 

Q.  You've been somewhat of an ironman these last couple years out on the Champions Tour.  And having won, how invaluable do you think that experience is going to be for you tomorrow?

ROD SPITTLE:  Well, it's huge.  Again, my    it's very nice that you noticed that I played all    as I tell people, we waited a long time to play, so I'll play out here, I'll play the Champions Tour, I'll play the Ladies Tour, I'll play whatever TOUR, the web.com, you know.  So again, so again, to play 25 times is okay.  It's only half the year, really, when you get right down to it.  So we're    and like I said, we have waited a long time to do this.  And so we our perspective obviously is just a little bit different than somebody whose played for 30 years. 

So the win, everybody wants to play as well as they can, no matter what level that might be.  And the win was huge.  I mean it changed everything.  Again, even as I told all my buddies and my kids, I still, I played golf for 40 years and made a three and a half foot in 2010 to win a golf tournament, to win a professional golf tournament. 

So I still get goose bumps and that's just what's so great about the sport that we play.  And I kind of postponed my stuff a little bit later than John and Joey and as I told everybody, they won their tournaments at 25, I won mine at 55.  That's all. 

So trust me, I'm having as much fun as you guys are.  And I know where we are, I mean it just gives us a chance to play, as I've always told people, with guys who I've watched play forever.  And they are the best guys.  And they are Hall of Fame guys.  And they're great gentlemen.  And to come and have the chance to walk around with them, let alone play a little bit about them is truly a blessing. 

Q.  (Inaudible.)

ROD SPITTLE:  The classic answer is of course tomorrow is just like every other day.  Hit it in the fairway, hit it on the greens, try not to watch the scoreboard too much and you just get yourself, as everybody says standing here, get yourself in position come tomorrow afternoon about three or four o'clock and let's just see what happens.  And you hope you make a few, have a brilliant strategy, I always just try make a few more birdies than bogeys.  But either way, we're in a pretty neat spot.  There's no doubt about it.  Hopefully we get the chance    this guy and I have been hanging out since Thursday night at 8 o'clock in the dark, in the rain when everybody else has gone home.  Isn't that right?  So this is a whole lot more fun now, let me tell you. 

Q.  You said the first nine holes you made it sound like the first nine holes were a little difficult?

ROD SPITTLE:  What did I say?  We got    you know, it was, I mean it just goes to show what, again, it's a four round tournament.  You know all this.  And you've heard all this.  It's a four round tournament, so we had the last tee time on Thursday afternoon and hopefully you all were inside warm and dry, because we weren't.  And it got    so we're teeing off at 2:30.  So I needed a nap anyway before I got started.  And it just got    he was out here, I mean we're starting on the back nine, which is brutal, I'm into the sure, I finally made a par on 10 today, which is the first one this week.  And all the conditions    you note conditions    they have been hard for everybody.  But we caught it when the wind was howling into us and it was range sideways, and I couldn't find a fairway. 

And so I mean I had, what is it?  13, par 3.  I'm standing on that par 3, I made bogey, par, double, and I was lucky to be 3 over.  Let me tell you.  So it was, you know, you just kind of simmer down and get dry and I think I got, I think I made three birdies, did I make three birdies on the back nine to get back to even par, I think.  I forget what par is on the back nine.  I'm sorry.  But I got back to even par and then we just kind have been playing ever since.  It just so happened I made them all in that first hour, instead of stretching them over four days.


Q. How do you feel about your round today?

DUFFY WALDORF:  My round today was another circus round.  I feel like I should be    it might be time to pitch up the tents and move.  Because another four birdie, four bogey performance, after five birdies and six bogeys yesterday.  Showing potential to do great and potential to have disaster.  So I never know where it's going. 

Kind of a little bit the course, but mostly me.  I had a lot of opportunities that I missed and I really need to kind of clean up my act for tomorrow for sure. 

Q.  How did the rain today affect the course conditions out there?

DUFFY WALDORF:  Generally I think it made it a little friendlier.  We had only teed off when the rain came and I think that except for a bit of wind, the course played very nice throughout the day.  I think the rain probably made it a little bit easier.  But conditions were nice.  We had the nice dark sky and good playing conditions.  So I think the rain probably helped the scoring a little bit in the afternoon.

Q.  What do you think you're going to have to do tomorrow to put some pressure on the leaders?

DUFFY WALDORF:  Well, you got to go out and the leaders are a ways in front of me, so they're not too worried about me.  I obviously got to play my game, but to apply pressure I'm going to have to go out and shoot 3  or 4 under par on the front and then see if I can do the same thing on the back.  I may need 3  or 4 under on both sides, so got to be thinking 33s and 32s.


Q. Talk about your round from start to finish today. 

RUSS COCHRAN:  A little shaky with the putter.  Especially starting off. 

Didn't play particularly well.  To be honest with you, I played such a good round yesterday that I knew I probably wouldn't play as well, but I thought I might be a little more efficient scoring and I just, it was kind of the opposite.  I was kind of sloppy on the greens and had a few opportunities there in the middle of the round to kind of get it going again and didn't capitalize on them.  So 71 is kind of the story.

Q.  Got it going on the back with the birdie at 11 and 15.  Talk about those two. 

RUSS COCHRAN:  I made a good putt on 11.  I finally hit a putt kind of where I wanted to and read it right.  I had a pretty simple putt, didn't break much.  Kind of inside the hole type put putt. 

15, I had one that broke maybe close to three feet.  So I think that was a big putt for me, because I needed to see one go in.  I needed to smooth that stroke out.  And of course when they start going in, man, you start thinking they're going to go in.  And I almost made a couple on the back, on 17 as well.

Q.  Talk about the rain delay a little bit.  Did that have any impact?

RUSS COCHRAN:  Not really.  I have kind of been stiff.  I had a lot of time off.  I maybe had eight weeks off, I guess.  And then came back in Houston and played and then played a little bit the next week, and so I hadn't played a lot.  And it kind of felt like my rhythms, when I got a little pressure today, my rhythms weren't very good and I didn't stand over the short putts with much authority. 

I think that was the key.  I need to stand over more putts, and you can only do that by playing, competing and being in contention.  So I don't feel bad about it, but, I sure would like to have a bounce back round tomorrow. 

Q.  How was it playing with your good buddy again for three straight days?

RUSS COCHRAN:  Kenny is good to play with.  I felt like I was smart enough not to try to hit it with him and that type stuff.  And I hit it probably better and farther when I just make a nice good swing.  But knowing how he kind of gets after it and hits it, I was happy with the way I drove the ball. 

So as far as the kind of guy he is and the pairing he is, he's, I would love to play with him every week.

Q.  How do you feel going into the final round tomorrow?

RUSS COCHRAN:  I'm a little bit    I can't kind of wait to see what happens.  I've been so sketchy with that putter, but I've been making a lot of long putts.  Not too many today.  I made one on 15 there.  But the first couple days I made some great putts.  So that's kind of what kept me in there.  But I missed way too many easy putts.  I hit some good iron shots in there and haven't made them.  So I'm kind of anxious to see if I can stroke it a little better tomorrow. 


Q. How do you feel about your round today?

KOHKI IDOKI:  Today's round I played with Mr. Tom Watson and I thought my chance was high, but I couldn't concentrate to play in this round.

Q.  How do you feel going into the final round tomorrow?


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