2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. There's some times getting up early in the morning is worth it and what a wonderful performance today.

ROGER CHAPMAN: Thank you. Yeah, it was ... I bogeyed the first and I thought, well, here we go. Getting up at five o'clock for bogey at the first.

But then I had four birdies in a row. So that sort of got the momentum going, which I severely lacked the first two rounds.

Nine birdies today. And I made a couple of mistakes, but I'll take 66.

Q. What do you know about Bellerive now that you feel you wish you could have had earlier?

ROGER CHAPMAN: I think you got to treat it with respect. You think that you can make birdies on the 5s and they can come up and grab you. And even the little short holes, where they are tucking the pins away severely, some of the holes.

So you really got to be careful and I think respect, treat it with respect.

Q. What was the longest birdie putt today?

ROGER CHAPMAN: That one on the 18th. That was about 35 I guess. A 30 footer. But, no, I hit the ball close and the first four holes sort of 10 foot, three foot, 2 putt birdie on 4 and then the 10 footer on 5.

So I got some nice momentum going and then I got a good up and down from the back of the 6th hole, the par 3 over the water. I was in the back bunker ... hit a good shot in there, just very difficult to stop it on that top tier there. And then just kept going.

Q. People would say that you certainly held up your end of defending your championship well coming in now for Sunday. And you're beating the weather too.

ROGER CHAPMAN: Yeah, it looks a bit cloudy now. So, yeah, I think that the first two rounds you're a bit under pressure to put in a good defense and probably thinking about just making the cut was the wrong attitude.

The last few holes yesterday afternoon I sort of messed up and all of a sudden you're on the cut line and you're thinking, well, don't defend and miss the cut.

So, but now I made the cut, the pressure's off a bit, just go out and play and that's what I did.

Q. Sounded like the group ahead of you was moving along really fast and it was a good pace.

ROGER CHAPMAN: We were waiting on every shot.

Q. You were?

ROGER CHAPMAN: Yeah. Yeah until the 18th, where Ian had a little bit of trouble on 17. So they got ahead. But we were literally waiting on every shot. Ian and I play quite quick.

Q. Have you played with him before?

ROGER CHAPMAN: Many times in European then on the Senior Tour over there. So, no, it was a relaxed day.

Q. It looks like the Roger Chapman of last year.

ROGER CHAPMAN: Yeah. At last.

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