2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. Talk a little bit about your round today.

RUSS COCHRAN: I wasn't really on too much and I've been a little rusty. I have not played a lot. I played at, I think it was seven or eight weeks before, I played in the Woodlands two weeks ago, and then just practiced last week. So my scoring I didn't feel real comfortable and stuff.

But had a great playing day. Any time you're playing with Kenny Perry and Dan Forsman, two of the really good guys out there and they're easy to feed off of and play off of.

So I hung in there long enough and then had a couple really good things happen on 15 and then 17, I made an eagle there. So all in all, I didn't play well, didn't really feel like I deserved the couple under par, but I was very happy to end up 2 under par.

Q. Can you talk about that eagle on 17?

RUSS COCHRAN: The thing that make it's tough, it's hard to hit that fairway, we all hit good tee shots, but when we got out there, I know Kenny had mud on his ball and I had a little mud on my ball and you're always at risk when you're taking a club with low spin anyway, with 3 wood, and trying to hit it straight. Mine came off real good and looked like it was going right and straightened up and went back left on the green about maybe, I don't know, 60 feet, I'm going to guess. And I had to go up and over a ridge and then down and we had some putts in the practice round we kind of knew what it was going to do and read it perfectly. And when I hit it, I told it to sit down I thought it might be a little too far, but boy the thing curled right in there and so that was a big hole for me.


Q. Talk for a minute about your round today.

LOREN ROBERTS: It was a little loose, I hit some bad shots, I mad some good up and downs and didn't quite drive it good enough to shoot low. I feel very happy that I shot 1 under par. I made some good up and down, especially at the last there to kind of preserve an under par round.

Hopefully we can hit it a little better tomorrow. I got to drive the ball a little better, I drove it out of the fairway a little bit too much today and this rough is brutal.

So hopefully we'll just strike it a little bit better tomorrow. But the short game's working good, putter seems to be rolling pretty good, so if I can just hit it a little better hopefully we'll have a good day tomorrow.


Q. I guess to start with, can you give a few general comments about your round today?

GENE SAUERS: I hit the ball pretty solid most of the day except for two holes. I went bogey, bogey on 7 and 8, which were some of the easiest holes on the golf course. And I just kind of mentally went dead there for a couple few minutes there.

But other than that I played pretty solid, made a birdie on the back, on like 13, I think it was, or 14, one of them, par 4 there. And I feel good about my game. Hitting the ball solid. I kind of got a little froze up there on the putting so I left a few of them short. But other than that I did all right and looking forward to the weekend.

Q. How is the golf course playing today? Pretty soft?

GENE SAUERS: Yeah, well it's kind of soft today. I got two mud balls today. From the fairway. But you never know which direction they're going, but you hit and hope. The golf course played good today. The greens weren't really firm, they were holding shots and they were putting good. I think they were around 11 I think so the golf course is in great shape.


Q. Can you give us a few of your initial comments about your round today?

FRED FUNK: I played really good. I actually got off to a start where, ball striking wise I gave myself a lot of chances the first four or five holes I was right there. Well four holes. I didn't make any of them.

Then I made two really good up and down saves or par saves.

That kind of got me spurred on a little bit.

And then I didn't birdie 8 and then I birdied 9. So of all the holes on the front nine I birdied the hardest one.

10 was playing hard.

So overall I really feel like I'm, I hate to use the term close, because a lot of people use that, but I really am. I'm almost to the point where I can just let the swing go and not be thinking about it too much and play more reactive golf instead of conscious golf.

If I can get to that stage, I just need to get the putter a little hot. I gave myself a lot of opportunities and I didn't make some of them but at the same time I made some good par saves. So overall I'm pretty pleased.


Q. Can you give some initial comments about how Bellerive was playing today?

TOM WARGO: I think it's playing quite soft. They didn't set it up extremely hard. There's a lot of good rounds as I guess it looks like there's quite few guys that's in the red.

So if you drive it good here, same old stuff, the irons, if you can hit a few irons, you can get in the red pretty easily I thought. I didn't think it was overly hard. I know I didn't have a good day, I made a couple of bad strokes and it cost me dearly, but other than that, I think the golf course is playing, it's ready to be had a little bit. There's a lot of guys in the red.

Q. Was there a hole or a set of holes that kind of proved crucial to a turning point in your round today?

TOM WARGO: Which way? Up or down?


Q. Either way.

TOM WARGO: Well, no, I was cruising right along and I hit a bad iron on 6, I mean on the first hole I hit a 6 iron in, I pulled it in that left bunker and kind of hit a bad bunker play and then 3 putted for a double and then hit it in the water on 6. That was where my play come bad. I hit it in the water and then I went and dropped one and misread the yardage just enough and hit it in the water and made seven.


Q. Talk about your round today as defending champion.

ROGER CHAPMAN: A little bit nervous on the first. When they called your name and you think, well that's okay. And then 2012 U.S. PGA defending champion, I thought, wow, hang on.

So, yeah, I was a bit nervous. I got off to a shaky start. Although I birdied or parred the first three. Didn't birdie the fourth hole, the par 5.

But I just sort of stuck in there, hung around, and I didn't play great, sort of up and down a few times for pars. So overall 72, in the breeze today, wasn't too bad.

Q. How did the course play today?

ROGER CHAPMAN: Played okay. They put the tees up a couple of holes, which was good.

The wind was into, it was a totally different wind than we sort of practiced with, so practice rounds go out the window.

But it was playing tough. Sometimes the wind got up and then it died down and you were, couple of times I was over the green because the wind died and then I would come up short so it was a frustrating day.

Q. How about the greens? Talk a little bit about the greens. I know they're big.

ROGER CHAPMAN: They're big and they tucked the pins away today, so you had to just sort of not so easy to get close to them, but they're putting well. Just missed the putt on the last. Just hit a spike mark and just jumped to the right. So 71 would have tasted better.

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