2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. Very tough finish for Kenny. Did you notice what was going on?

RUSS COCHRAN: You know what? It's never a done deal. I couldn't tell by the crowd, so last time I looked he was 12 under. I didn't pay much attention to it. And then I noticed everything was kind of quiet and I looked up and saw him at 10 under. But I'm not sure what happened.

Q. He's fallen back even more.

RUSS COCHRAN: Yeah. You know what? He's playing great. He obviously didn't finish it off or whatever, but I know he'll take it tough, I know his family will, and their friends and everyone, but Kenny's a champion, man, and you don't win as much as he has and  you know, he putts his mind to it, he'll win tournament after tournament out here. So anyway, I feel bad for him, but the champion that he is, I know he'll be back.

Q. Do you want to talk about your round today?

RUSS COCHRAN: Just putting. The whole week came down to putting with me. I made a couple good bombs early in the week and kind of sporadically throughout, but one of the worst putting performances I've had in a long time. Almost borderline yips with that short putter. I don't know how many I had for the week, but I know it was a terribly high number.

And I hit it real good, I was real happy with that. I think this is the second tournament I played in about maybe nine weeks or 10 weeks, something like that. So I feel like if I kind of get that stroke back a little bit, that good things are going to happen for me. But, boy, that putting was just slow motion just death hole after hole after hole for me. I just felt awful.

Q. Talk about the weekend as a whole. This experience in St. Louis?

RUSS COCHRAN: I knew it was going to be good here. The people have such pride and such great fans, me being a big sports fan and Cardinals fan here as a matter of fact I've got a Mike Shannon bobblehead, the only one out right now, Mike gave it to me, sent it over for good luck. So even with that I couldn't do any better.

But yeah, these people took care of us. Everything but the food. The food was so good I think I put on about six, seven pounds. So I'm not real happy with that. But service has been second to none, really. Any tournament that I've ever been to.

I think it's, everybody needs to be congratulated. The golf course is just fantastic and the tournament came off great.

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