2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: JAY HAAS

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: JAY HAAS

May 24, 2014

Q. (No Microphone.)

JAY HAAS: I had the exact same yardage to the front as it was yesterday and yesterday I hit a 3-wood and I toe hooked it in the river and made an ugly five.

So today I said, the hell with it, I'm going for it, and I hit a three wood kind of like I wanted to yesterday and saw the guy behind the green raise his arms. Got up there and I was about eight feet behind the hole and I made it for an eagle. So I got the most improved award on at least that hole today.

Q. Very consistent so far for you, I guess in a way you're kind of sneaking up on people, because you're right in the mix going into Sunday.

JAY HAAS: As long as somebody doesn't go crazy out there the last few holes, if I was four or five behind, that would be a pretty big hill to climb.

But I've played okay, still not comfortable on the greens, I don't seem to have the speed down, especially on the ones up and over humps and things like that, I 3-putted a couple times today.

That's just a setback. I've hit the ball pretty well, I hit a lot of greens, and just not taking advantage of the places where I do have an opportunity.

Then the 3-putt are killers. But overall I'm happy with my position, should be within reasonable distance of the lead, hopefully shoot a low one tomorrow.

Q. Assuming that no one does go crazy, like you said, do you feel like your game's in a spot where you can make a run at this thing?

JAY HAAS: Yeah, I think so. I don't think I've played my best golf yet this week, so hopefully that's tomorrow.

Being behind I don't have the pressure of sleeping on the lead or anything like that. But I need to play well, that's for sure. I need to hit better shots, need to hit it closer and take advantage of it when I do.

It's incredible how many guys are within three shots of the lead right now, probably 15 guys. So you see what Marco did today, shooting 65, out early, if one of the guys in that pack does, they're probably going to win the tournament.

But at the same time, it could go down -- you would think the odds are now that there's going to be some type of playoff with at least two players in it, but somebody might get hot here at the end of today and then go low tomorrow. But hopefully I'll have a chance.

Q. Weather slightly better this time around than two years ago.

JAY HAAS: Yeah, we're pretty blessed this week for sure. A little cool last couple days, but didn't blow very hard. The course is just in magnificent shape. Fairways are beautiful, the greens are very consistent. They're firm, but they're, there's no surprises when you hit into the green. There's not like one's firmer than the next one. They have just done a great job with the golf course sets up.

The weather, certainly can't complain about that. I guess it's supposed to be a little bit warmer tomorrow and I think we'll all welcome that, easier on our backs.

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