2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: TIM PARUN, CRAIG STEVENS and KENNY PERRY

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: TIM PARUN, CRAIG STEVENS and KENNY PERRY

May 24, 2014


Q. A little tougher day today. How did it go out there?

TIM PARUN: It wasn't that tough, I played actually pretty well for 14 holes. I had opportunities, didn't can them. But I was even par at that point, so I was actually playing pretty good.

Then I made a poor decision on 15 on the lay up. Got in the bunker and then hit it in the hazard and made double.

Q. So it was just a bad finish.

TIM PARUN: Actually I was pretty happy the way I played for the first 14.

Q. Definitely. I mean, you're plus 7 or plus 6 right now, what are you looking for going into tomorrow? You're still having that opportunity to be the top club pro still. Is that kind of in the back of your mind or are you going to go out there and go as low as possible, of course?

TIM PARUN: Well, you go as low as possible. I'm going to maybe play nine holes and see if they will take that score.

Q. Anything you're looking to change going into tomorrow?

TIM PARUN: Maybe I can fill out the scorecard? I don't know.

No, I thought that everything was pretty good, managed my emotions, had my focus pretty good, sometimes you don't make the putts, but I just made a poor decision. A poor decision and then lost focus on a couple shots coming in. So don't need to change anything. I feel my game's good.

Q. Perfect. And how the course is set up between the weekend and the first two days, did it seem a little different to you?

TIM PARUN: Not really. Not really. Fair. There's some good holes out there. Wind's playing on a few, but also some you take advantage of. Pins in general, about the same. So, no.


Q. It seemed like it was pretty up-and-down. What are your thoughts on the round?

CRAIG STEVENS: Well, I did okay. The last hole was a double, and that put me back to even, but it was up-and-down, I hit it solid. I think I did okay.

Q. Did you notice, was there a difference in like the pin placements? Did it seem tougher?

CRAIG STEVENS: No, I didn't really see -- when you hit it on the green in pretty good spots, then they don't seem that tough. I didn't have a tough time with the pins on the greens today at all.

Q. You're pretty close to the top of at least the club pros. What would it mean to be the top one at the end of the day tomorrow?

CRAIG STEVENS: That would be awesome. We're in our own little league here and I know there was nine guys that made the cut and if I go out and play good tomorrow, I think that I have a good chance.

I played with Kenny Perry, he's such an awesome guy, we were going along there pretty good. So it was a good day.


Q. What was different today compared to yesterday?

KENNY PERRY: The good lord woke me up this morning, that was the difference.

No, I hit it fine yesterday. I hit two loose shots yesterday. I hit a driver on 18 into the hazard right and made double.

I pulled an 8-iron left on a hole and made a big number, I think.

But other than that, I struck the ball beautifully, like I did today. I putted lousy all week. I hit a lot of really good golf shots this week and I just can't get the speed of the greens. I either hit it too easy or too hard, I just can't seem to find the rhythm on the greens.

But I hit all the par-5s on the course today. Except 5 I couldn't get to it, but other than that is, I took care of the par-5s today and just made one birdie on another hole.

Q. Do you feel like depending upon what the leaders do, you're going to have a shot tomorrow?

KENNY PERRY: Well, there's no wind out there, it's very getable. I don't see the leaders backing up, I really don't. I think what I'm going to need to do is shoot another 62, like I did two years ago on Sunday and that would get me in the ballpark, I think.

I think somebody is going to get it to 8- or 9-under, I really do. I could be wrong. They may not. And if they back up and they get me right in my wheelhouse, I can shoot that good.

So at least I've got a shot. At least I shot a number today to put me in some kind of position to maybe, if I shoot one of those miracle rounds tomorrow, I can do it.

Q. How dejected were you yesterday after the 75?

KENNY PERRY: Well, it was just a tough deal. I played okay. I really wasn't too upset. I went and grabbed me something to eat and went to bed, slept nice and just -- it's just golf. That's just all it is. It was just a day I couldn't make -- I couldn't turn it around, I couldn't make things happen.

Today, I never missed a shot. And I hit it perfect today. I lipped out four putts today. I could have shot four better. I had four rim out pretty hard on me. And they were like from eight to 10 feet, they weren't that far putts either. I hit it nice today. So if I can just do that again tomorrow, maybe I can put a little pressure on them.

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