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2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: COLIN MONTGOMERIE

Q. How would you describe your play today?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I played very well.  I didn't putt very well, but I played well.  So 69's a very safe start and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm hitting it well.  Tom Watson was right in his press conference yesterday that it's very much a second shot golf course, this. 

The fairways are quite generous, but it's a second shot golf course to get the distance, the control of distance right with the iron shots.  I'm getting that right, so, yeah, I put myself in a position. 

You can only lose it today, you can't win it and I didn't lose it, so we're okay.  We're quite happy.

Q.  Any long putts fall for you or anything?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  No, nothing at all.  Nothing.  One for Tom.  But at 64 years old you're allowed that.

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