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2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: CRAIG THOMAS

Q. What did you think of the round today?  It seemed like it went very consistent. 

CRAIG THOMAS:  Yeah, you weren't watching though.  It was up and down.  One thing I haven't struggled with is driving the ball and today I drove the ball really poorly. 

Irons were good, putting, made a couple good par savings putts and kept the round going.

Q.  Where do you think you could have made up a few strokes looking back?

CRAIG THOMAS:  Well I bogeyed the first par 5.  5 I think it is.  I was 80 yards from the green.  Just didn't hit a shot hard enough, come up in the rough, bad chip, bogey. 

I missed at least three or four birdie putts inside of 10 feet that just, you know, these greens are a little tricky.  You don't see these little humps, little undulations and all of a sudden the ball starts going in the wrong direction. 

But all in all I did, I had a really, really good par save on 7.  I hit my first ball in the hazard.  I walked it out and I hit it to about 80 yards and from 80 yards hit it to about four feet and made it. 

Then I made about a, on 14?  Yeah, 14.  I made about a 30 footer for par, too. 

So, yeah, it all evens out.  But it was a good day. 

Q.  What's your mentality heading into tomorrow?

CRAIG THOMAS:  I'm going to go spend some time at the range, try and drive it a little bit better and I feel as though even's about what I should have shot today.  Could have been a little better, could have been a little worse, so hopefully tomorrow if I get the driver straightened out, I can get something into red figures.

Q.  What is it like to have a lot of people back in New York cheering for you this week and to start off here with par at the PGA Championship?

CRAIG THOMAS:  It's great.  All the members have been extremely supportive of all my events, and especially this spring, we got off to a good start, won a few events this fall, this spring, they're all excited for me.  So there's a lot of good things going on. 

Q.  What has your practice been like the past few days here?

CRAIG THOMAS:  I had a good practice round Monday and Tuesday, believe it or not, I promised the president of my club I would play in the pro president event back in New York, so I flew home Monday night, played with him Tuesday, flew back here Tuesday night, and then had a good practice round yesterday. 

Q.  So it's been a whirlwind week. 

CRAIG THOMAS:  Yeah, it's been a busy week, but it's been a great week.  Tuesday was a pro am here anyway, so the guys I'm staying with didn't get on the course until 3:30.  So for me it was good.  Par poor we had a good time back there as well.

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