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2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: FRANK ESPOSITO

Q. How did everything go with the round today?  What were your overall thoughts?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  I started off a little shaky, but my round turned around on 6.  I hit it pretty much out of play.  I hacked it out and hit it on green to about 35 feet and made it for par.  So I was looking at 6 or 7, turns it into a par. 

Then I actually played okay coming in. 

Q.  What are your overall thoughts on the course itself?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  The course played good today.  A couple of holes early on in the back the wind started blowing a little bit, got a little cool and played a little tough.  But the course was playing fine.

Q.  How was your practice leading into today over last few days?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  It was fine.  Practice is always good, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but then you got to count it on Thursday though, that's a little different.  But practice was fine.

Q.  As you were working through the first two holes what was the mentality at that point because seemed like it became very consistent after that?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  It's a long grind, so just try and plod along and just play my game.  That's it.

Q.  What is your mentality heading into tomorrow?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  Same thing.  Same thing.  You can see the scores, they go low, so you got to keep plugging along.

Q.  What's it like having a lot of people rooting for you back home?

FRANK ESPOSITO:  That's fun.  That's always fun.  I know they're sitting back, probably sitting at the bar watching, so it's nice.  It's a good thing.

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