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2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: ROGER CHAPMAN

Q. What are your overall thoughts on the day today?

ROGER CHAPMAN:  Started off nicely.  Couple under after nine. 

I hit a good shot into 4 and it just caught the down slope on the green and just went through the green.  I chipped back and didn't have a very good chip.  So bogeyed that one. 

Then hit a really good drive on 7 and just pulled my second shot and it was sort of a bit long and it was on the top of the hill there.  So virtually an impossible sort of up and down. 

So, yeah, I didn't putt particularly well.  I didn't    the pace of the greens, I found difficult.  They were much faster last year, I think because of the late spring you've had. 

But, yeah, overall 71, the scoring's not, it's not easy out there, it's a lot different, a lot harder this year than it was two years ago.  It's a lot longer and colder. 

Q.  Obviously you have great memories of this place.  What was it like for you, did you feel any extra pressure with that coming to play here today?

ROGER CHAPMAN:  No, I tried to sort of feed off it a bit.  I've sort of got my name on the trophy and just go out and enjoy it. 

I made a nice birdie at my first hole, the 10th, I holed sort of a 20 footer, which got me off to a nice start. 

I missed a couple of chances on the back nine and then made a great 3 at 18. 

So I was a couple under and everything cruising.  As I say, it was just that one shot on 4 that sort of hit a down slope and went through the green and I didn't get up and down. 

So, yeah, it was steady. 

Q.  What is your mentality heading into tomorrow and then hopefully the weekend?

ROGER CHAPMAN:  Just keep doing what I'm doing and playing nicely.  So just get a few more putts in, really, that's all.

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