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2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: TODD MCCORKLE

Q. Seems like it was a very consistent round today.  How did you feel?

TODD MCCORKLE:  I played well.  I was a little out of my comfort zone, but I played well for me. 

Q.  What is your mentality now heading into tomorrow?

TODD MCCORKLE:  You know, same as today, just want to limit my mistakes and just try to play consistent tee to green golf.

Q.  What was what are your overall thoughts on the course?

TODD MCCORKLE:  It's hard.  It's a hard golf course, one that you can't let your guard down even for a second.  Never felt like I was in control out there, just because of the difficulty of the golf course. 

Q.  Is there any area of the course where you felt like you could have made up a stroke or two today?

TODD MCCORKLE:  The greens are tough.  Putts make you look silly out there, because they're just so crazy. 

But I putted well and there are certain putts out there that you just want to 2 putt.

Q.  What is your practice been like the last few days?

TODD MCCORKLE:  I played well.  I feel good about my game, I've been playing well, I've had a consistent last 12 months or so, so I feel good about my game, but I am a little bit out of my comfort zone here.

Q.  I imagine you have a lot of people back home rooting for you.  What is that like now being here at a Major Championship?

TODD MCCORKLE:  I have to admit, I made a couple birdies early and I just thought about, hey, they're sitting in the grill room pulling for me.  So that's a great feeling to have that support.

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