2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: KOHKI IDOKI

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: KOHKI IDOKI

May 21, 2014
KELLY ELBIN: Kohki Idoki, ladies and gentlemen, defending the title he won on his very first trip to the United States. Joining us at the 75th Senior PGA Championship Presented By KitchenAid. Kohki will be helped with the press conference today by Yosh Komiya. Kohki, congratulations, welcome to Harbor Shores and how has it been to be the defending champion this week.

KOHKI IDOKI: Overall I feel a little pressure, but my first step is just to make the cut, and that's my first thing that I have to do.

KELLY ELBIN: Could you have him talk about the dinner last night, hosting the dinner, it sounded like it was a very special time with past champions.

KOHKI IDOKI: It was really fun. I was nervous because talking in front of those great players, I never experienced anything like that.

So I had so much fun, but I felt pressure to talk in front of those great players.

KELLY ELBIN: Very good. Open it up for any questions.

Q. Obviously you won this tournament last year, but it was on a different course, what is this course like compared to the one you won on last year?

KOHKI IDOKI: This course is such a hard course, so I can't relax playing on this course, I have to always concentrates on each shot.

So I just have to concentrate a hundred percent and then just play hard.

KELLY ELBIN: What do you think of this golf course in terms of are there any particular holes that stand out? It is certainly very different from last year at Bellerive.

KOHKI IDOKI: Bellerive, the 6th and 10th stand out, but right here on this course, every hole is difficult.

The green, the grass that they had at Bellerive, it's the same as Japan's golf courses, so it was easy for me to play on.

Q. What was it like, over the last year, to always be introduced as a Major champion?

KOHKI IDOKI: After I won the Senior PGA Championship and then I was able to play the Champions Tour, I didn't have a good result, but I was able to see all the players' skills and power and study it, so you'll be expecting to see a new Kohki Idoki from now on.

Q. Your first trip to America was so special, because you won this tournament. How do you make this tournament also special?

KOHKI IDOKI: I just want to challenge myself as a new Idoki. Looking back, I learned a lot, so I want to challenge hard to play on this course and make it special.

Q. After your first trip here you've seen a bit more of America since last May, any interesting or funny anecdotes of your travels in America since?

KOHKI IDOKI: This happened in Florida, we were by ourselves. The hotel that I booked, it takes about three minutes, but it took me three hours to get there. That's a fun event that I experienced.

Q. From course to -- from hotel to golf course or airport to?

KOHKI IDOKI: No, from hotel to golf course. They had a tournament course and other golf courses. So it was funny.

KELLY ELBIN: Last year, in the final round, did you have a certain score in mind thinking of winning or did you just simply go out and play and whatever happened, happened.

KOHKI IDOKI: The final round my goal was gradually improve my ranking, but then my goal was to make it to top-5, but at hole 15, I realized that I was tied for first place and then that time I switched my mind to be able to win the tournament.

KELLY ELBIN: Defending champion, Kohki Idoki, thank you very much.

KOHKI IDOKI: Thank you very much.

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