2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: JAY HAAS, Tracy Phillips and Kohki Idoki

2014 Senior PGA Championship interview with: JAY HAAS, Tracy Phillips and Kohki Idoki

May 23, 2014


Q. Talk about how you played today?

JAY HAAS: Not as sharp as yesterday, but didn't make the putts that I made yesterday. That was a key that kept me from shooting under par.

I 3 putted the 11th hole, my second hole of the day and it kind of got me off on the wrong foot on the greens and I never really felt comfortable with the speed of them. But overall made a nice birdie on No. 9, my last hole, to shoot even for the day and not be too far away from the leaders.

Q. We heard that depending upon what hole you start on, it changes the dynamic of this golf course, did you see that at all?

JAY HAAS: A little bit. But I had a nice birdie opportunity at 10 and 11 is a birdieable hole with a decent iron shot. I think just the ride out there to the 10th hole is kind of gets us out of sorts a little bit. A bunch of old guys get stiffened up pretty quickly sitting in the van and hitting balls 40 minutes before our next shot.

So it's a pretty testy hole, too, much easier to start on the first hole, I think, and just walk off the putting green, the practice tee and all that. But you have to play them all, so that's really not ... it shouldn't be an issue.

Q. You're two off the lead right now as you stand, what do you have to do to get move closer to the top of the leaderboard?

JAY HAAS: I'm just going to have to putt better, my touch on my putting has not been great, and these greens are tough though. It's hard to get a level putt. You're going to go up and down or around and almost on every single putt that you have, unless you hit it very close. So I either have to do one or the other, hit it closer or just putt a little bit better.

My driving has been okay, and toward the end I started hitting some better shots, so I just need to play well.

Q. Lastly, talk about the condition of the golf course.

JAY HAAS: The condition is beautiful. It's just, there's not a mark on the fairways, other than what we have made. The greens are beautiful. They're a good speed. So we shouldn't have any complaints there. I hear the weather is going to be great, so we're all excited and I'm glad to be a couple back.


Q. I want know your thoughts about the condition of the course out there today.

TRACY PHILLIPS: Oh, gosh, it's in great shape. Yeah, it's fantastic. The greens make it a little difficult at times, but the speeds are good for the slopes that are on the greens, I think. Everything's really in good shape.

Q. What were your thoughts about your round today, it seemed like it was a little up and down.

TRACY PHILLIPS: It was a little up and down. I had it ... hole number 17 seems to bite me each time. I made double both times, different ways. I hit it today in the bunker on the right and it plugged and I tried to get maybe too cute with the first shot and then had a bad lie on the second shot after it rolled up to my footprint.

But all in all, I'm very pleased. I'm happy to be out here playing with these guys for the first time in my life, so.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most about tomorrow?

TRACY PHILLIPS: Just the whole experience. For some reason I've been a little ... I made some putts, I've been a lot more calm than I thought I might be. My parents just flew in today, so that's always special that they can share these next two days with me. So I'm looking forward to it. I'm having a ball.

Q. Are there a lot of people in Tulsa rooting for you?

TRACY PHILLIPS: There's been quite a few people e mailed me and texted me and contacted me. So I got a good cheering section back home.


Q. As defending champion, you'll now be here on the weekend after finishing with two birdies. What are your overall thoughts on the day?

KOHKI IDOKI: I made a double bogey, so after I end up hitting for double bogey on No. 6, I knew that I had to make, I had to have two birdies and hole number 7, it's hard to make birdie on that hole, so I had to have my momentum going on for number 8 and No. 9 to make a birdie and I did it, so I satisfied with the result, even though I had a double bogey on No. 6.

So my first goal is to make the cut, no matter what, so I'm satisfied that I'm able to play for the weekend. So I'm happy with that.

Q. How long were your putts on the last two holes, the birdies?

KOHKI IDOKI: One meter and a half and then the last birdie that I made was one meter.

Q. Did you feel any extra pressure as the defending champion?

KOHKI IDOKI: I felt so much pressure just because as the defending champion, I just had so many people expecting me to do much better.

Q. What was the feeling you had when the putt went in on 9?

KOHKI IDOKI: When I had my address, my hand was shaking a little. So then I was happy that it went in.

Q. What is your mentality now heading into the weekend?

KOHKI IDOKI: Since I made the cut from here I want to aim a little higher goal to make it to top 10 or top 5.

Q. What are your overall thoughts on the course itself and the conditions?

KOHKI IDOKI: I told you guys this already, but I just can't relax on this course, like from tee box to second shot and third shot and putting, I just have to concentrate a hundred percent on this course the whole time.

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