BLAINE, Minn. -- Gil Morgan was happy to shoot his age Friday, yet slightly disappointed his score wasn't even lower.
Oh, the animals we saw in 2014
Golf has its Golden Bear, Tiger and Shark. But as you'll see, real-live animals of all shapes and sizes -- four-legged, two-legged, no-legged, furry and scaly -- made their presence known on golf courses this year.
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Three tips to avoid chunking an uphill chip
Why is it so easy to chunk a chip shot from an uphill lie? We saw even the best golfers in the world struggle with that shot last weekend at the Hero World Challenge, so it's no surprise amateurs have a hard time pulling that shot off consistently.
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Weird animals on golf courses in 2014
From alligators to snakes, it seems like 2014 was a crazy year for animals creating havoc on golf courses. Here are a few memorable encounters, in alphabetical order: ALLIGATORS
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2014 Holiday Golf Gift Guides
2014 Holiday Golf Gift Guides
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Tickets for 2015 KPMG Women's PGA Championship on sale
Just in time for the holidays, tickets for the 2015 KPMG Women's PGA Championship are now on sale.
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Share your Hole in One with
Just in time for the holidays, tickets for the 2015 KPMG Women's PGA Championship are now on sale.
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Heavy traffic on Tiger's road
Tiger Woods is roaring down the road to recovery again, but there are plenty of newer cars speeding along with him. From Rory to Rickie, and now Jordan Spieth, Woods' competition has never been younger or stronger.
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As Tiger Woods rebuilds his game, a younger generation shines bright
WINDEMERE, Fla. – Tiger Woods appears to be on the road to recovery again, only it's no longer a question of how soon before he reaches full speed.    There are a lot more cars on the road now.   
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Cheyenne Woods and Lindsey Vonn give Tiger Woods much to celebrate
Tiger Woods has plenty to be happy about this week, even if he didn't exactly win his Hero World Challenge.
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The challenge of playing in twilight
Jordan Spieth wisely realized it was too dark to finish Friday at the Hero World Challenge. Why? Because he knew the inability to follow the flight of the ball and diminished depth perception at twilight can ruin a good round.
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Why playing golf in dark is tough
One of things that makes golf such an interesting and challenging game are the changing conditions during a round. Because it's an outdoor sport, golf is affected by weather: wind and precipitation. But light -- or the lack thereof -- can be just as challenging to a top golfer.
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Cheyenne Woods among 20 players to earn 2015 cards at LPGA Q-School
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Karlin Beck ended an 11-hole playoff Monday morning by chipping in from 75 feet for birdie to hear the final LPGA Tour card at Q-School.    "It was definitely the shot of my life so far," said Beck
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WATCH: Golf blooper compilation has plenty of highlights
We love a great golf blooper compilation.
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VIDEO: Kid flips out after missing short putt
We've all seen -- and probably had -- our share of tantrums on the golf course. They're nothing to be proud of, but hey, the game can do that to you. Golf can drive anyone mad, young and old... or, in this case, real young.
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10 Players to watch | 2014-15 PGA Tour season
Now that the fall is behind us, we can look ahead to 2015 and update the players to watch.
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Tiger's chipping woes
Tiger's chipping woes
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Tiger Woods rough chipping at Hero World Challenge
Chunk City, population Tiger Woods. At least that's how it felt watching Woods in the Hero World Challenge last week, his first start since the PGA Championship in August after being sidelined with back injuries and surgery to correct those issues.
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Rory McIlroy attends Philadelphia Eagles game
One of the top NFL games this weekend is the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The matchup certainly caught the eye of Rory McIlroy. 
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What's in the winners' bags for the week of December 7, 2014
What equipment did Jordan Spieth and Danny Willett use to achieve victory? We take a peek inside their bags to check out the gear that earned them the big checks for the week of December 7, 2014: 
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