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What happens when you smash a golf ball with an iPhone?
  I don't know about you, but I put my iPhone through a fair amount of abuse – unintentionally, most of the time. Despite all the drops, falls and other calamities that have happened to it, it's still in fairly decent shape.
23 Oct 2015 - 7:04pm - 0 Comments
Instant karma strikes would-be golf clubs thief
Karma is a beautiful thing, isn't it? RELATED: Railroad tie bank shot goes awry, golf buddy pays the painful price
23 Oct 2015 - 12:50pm - 0 Comments
Jason Dufner gets bad break on chip headed for the hole at Shriners Open
  I know I'm kidding myself, but I like to think I'd score better if I always played in conditions as pristine as those we so often see on the PGA Tour.
22 Oct 2015 - 7:01pm - 0 Comments
Who is the PGA Tour's longest driver on a pound-for-pound basis?
  Maybe this is grounds for revoking my man card, but I wasn't familiar with until today – when the site posted a story that answered a question I had pondered.
22 Oct 2015 - 5:39pm - 0 Comments
C.B. Macdonald's Chicago mansion listed for sale at $1.975 million
  Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Ill., owns the distinction of being the site of the United States' oldest 18-hole golf course.
22 Oct 2015 - 3:55pm - 0 Comments
Flashback: Jonathan Byrd's walk-off ace
Five years ago this week, Jonathan Byrd provided arguably the coolest ending to a tournament you'll ever see.
22 Oct 2015 - 11:53am - 0 Comments
New long-drive champ Tim Burke smashes ball 394 yards
The World Long Drive Championships is a sight to behold.
22 Oct 2015 - 9:13am - 0 Comments
College golfer hits shot off her teammate's rear end
  OK, I'm not sure where this shot fits in the pantheon of golf trick shots.
21 Oct 2015 - 7:42pm - 0 Comments
Golf equipment companies have fun with "Back to the Future Day"
  As I'm sure we all know by now, today is "Back to the Future Day." In the 1989 movie "Back to the Future Part II," Marty McFly (played by Micha
21 Oct 2015 - 6:55pm - 0 Comments
Sammy Schmitz raises $25,000 in three days to fund his trip to the Masters
  Remember Sammy Schmitz – the guy who recently clinched his victory in the U.S. Mid-Amateur by making a hole-in-one on a par-4 hole? By earning that title, Schmitz received a place in the 2016 Masters.   That's the good news.
21 Oct 2015 - 2:41pm - 0 Comments
2015 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open: Five players to watch
The PGA Tour is just outside Las Vegas this week for the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open at TPC Summerlin. It's the second event of the 2015-16 PGA Tour season and there are plenty of big names teeing it up.
21 Oct 2015 - 11:23am - 0 Comments
Canadian custom car builder creates 'Back to the Future' golf cart
Oct. 21, 2015 is "Back to the Future Day" -- the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly visited the Hill Valley of the future in the movie trilogy. So on this date, why not feature a golf cart designed like the famous DeLorean used as the time machine in the films?
21 Oct 2015 - 10:26am - 0 Comments
Three golf tips for seniors: Stretch, warm up and walk
Don’t try to go directly from your car to the golf cart, particularly if you’re a senior golfer. That's the opinion of PGA Professional Don Berry, who won the Minnesota Senior PGA Championship this summer and recently qualified for the 2016 Senior PGA Championship.
20 Oct 2015 - 11:29am - 0 Comments
Must-see: Railroad-tie bank shot doesn't go as planned
So, you walk up to the edge of a green to find yourself in a Catch 22 -- your golf ball narrowly avoided the pond, but it's resting up against a railroad tie. You could do the prudent thing and take a penalty drop for an unplayable lie.
20 Oct 2015 - 9:49am - 0 Comments
Jordan Spieth congratulates Emiliano Grillo on winning Open
  After he won the Open in a playoff Sunday night, Emiliano Grillo naturally received a number of congratulatory messages on social media.
19 Oct 2015 - 2:51pm - 0 Comments
Rory McIlroy nearly hit by tee shot
In case you missed it over the weekend, Open winner Emiliano Grillo nearly smoked Rory McIlroy with a tee shot on the 296-yard, par-4 17th hole Saturday.
19 Oct 2015 - 9:04am - 0 Comments
Amy Yang birdies every hole on the back nine for LPGA record
Golf is filled with rare feats: aces, albatrosses and 59s. But Amy Yang's final round Sunday at the LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship might have been rarer still.
18 Oct 2015 - 1:56pm - 0 Comments
Golfer hits fantastic bunker shot between legs
As if a shot out of a pot bunker wasn't difficult enough, how about executing a gorgeous shot... from between your legs?
16 Oct 2015 - 9:02am - 0 Comments
John Huh and Jarrod Lyle sink long-distance eagles back-to-back at Open
  This being the first week of the new PGA Tour season, you might think the players would be a little rusty – especially those who didn't make it all the way through the FedExCup playoffs.
15 Oct 2015 - 10:52pm - 0 Comments