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Looking for new golf rain gear? Check out these valuable words from one of the experts in golf in inclement weather. PGA Professional Brent Zepp from famed Chambers Bay Golf Course.
Jeff Flagg wins $250,000 with 13-inch victory in Re/Max World Long Drive Championship
Out in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, some of the  biggest hitters in all of golf gathered at the Paiute Golf Resort for the 2014 edition of the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.   T
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Pro golf around the world for the week of November 3-9, 2014
Here's a look at the tournaments on tap this week:   World Golf Championships: HSBC Champions Site: Shanghai  Schedule: Thursday-Sunday  Course: Sheshan International Golf Club (7,1
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WATCH: Fastest golf cart from the driver's perspective
Yesterday we brought you the story about the Plum Quick Racing team that set a new speed record with a golf cart at 118.76 mph on Halloween at Darlington Dragway in South Carolina.
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Man sets new record for longest usable golf club
You know how they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas?" Well, now that applies to drivers.
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Sean Connery was one cool golfer
I ran across this photo of Sean Connery today, and really liked it.
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Your favorite putter: It can be a love-hate relationship
For a club that does the most amount of work for the least amount of distance, it's not surprising that most golfers have a special affinity for their putter.
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Mini-tour player has three double eagles this year
What better than making an albatross? Easy. Making two of them. What's better than making two? Well, that'd be what mini-tour golfer Christopher Ross has done in 2014 -- make three.
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WATCH: Golf cart sets new speed record at 118.76 mph
Have you ever messed with the governor on your golf cart to make it go a lot faster? You probably shouldn't, but a lot of us have (this writer included).
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Most interesting man in golf cards a 13 on one hole
Why did the most interesting man in the world of golf take a 13 on one hole Sunday in the BMW Masters? Probably just to show he could do it.
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Man drives car onto golf driving range
We've seen cars given out as prizes for making a hole-in-one, but rarely as targets at a driving range. Turns out, that happens, too. 
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WATCH: Lee Westwood sinks 15th career hole-in-one
On the 11th hole in the second round of the CIMB Classic at Kuala Lumpur Golf & CC on Friday, Lee Westwood recorded his 15th -- your read that right... 15th! -- career hole-in-one.
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Danielle Kang wins her second car in eight days with her second hole-in-one
Another week. Another ace. Another car for LPGA Tour player Danielle Kang.   The 22-year-old American made her second hole-in-one in eight days on Friday, acing the 158-yard 17th hole with a 7-iron in the second round of the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship.
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WATCH: Bryan Bros. beach dunes trick shot
The Bryan Brothers just keep pumping out the great trick-shot content this week.
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Wildest putts in golf
We all know that putting is key to any good round of golf. Some putts are easy, others are, well, not so much. 
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WATCH: You've got to see this 'double' putt
Remember that crazy video last week of the guy with the three-foot birdie putt in Scotland who chose to take the scenic route to knock it in?
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Everything you want to know about pin flags
When you go to a golf event, what’s your go-to souvenir? For a lot of people, it is a commemorative pin flag.
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Haunted golf course Halloween stories
Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Sure, you may not believe in them but they can be pretty entertaining.  We searched online for some popular tales and decided to do some digging to find more on the origin of these stories. See below.
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Bryan Bros.: Halloween-themed, glow in the dark trick shots
It's been a big week for the Bryan Brothers. Our favorite golf trick-shot artists posted their best video to date on Monday.
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Golf's most interesting work out with Miguel Angel Jimenez
It's safe to say that Miguel Angel Jimenez marches to the beat of his own drum.
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