A Sense of Huber: He wears it well

By Jim Huber
Published on

This edition of “A Sense of Huber” will be rather tidy, the requisite space needed for all of the unexpected vitriolic feedback from last week. Ouch.

We are within a few days of the first anniversary of one of golf’s most infamous and unnecessary mistakes.

Despite both verbal and printed warnings to be very wary of the outrageous bunkering at Whistling Straits, there wandered Dustin Johnson late on the Sunday of the 92nd PGA Championship. A crowd surrounding him as he stood in a patch of what looked like scruffy, untended rough, with not a whit of help from either his caddie or anyone following, he grounded his club not once but twice and…well, you know the rest.

It was the second in what has turned out to be an unfortunate and perplexing trilogy of final-round gaffes by the quiet giant over the last two seasons.

And now, in the wake of the latest when he so stunningly found the only out-of-bounds at Royal St. George’s as he nipped at Darren Clarke’s heels, either Dustin or someone connected with him has decided to go for laughs.

For just a shade less than $30, you can purchase a lovely white t-shirt with the large green words “What Bunker?” on the back.

Presumably to be followed by “What Shank?” in what we can only hope will be a limited-edition series.

I’m torn. At the outset, I wonder about the levity in the wake of what was, at the time, a troubling mistake. But with time for thought, I think I applaud the absence of scar tissue.

I pull for Dustin Johnson, I don’t mind admitting. I think his athletic talent and game is the future of golf. I ache every time he stumbles in the shadow of potential greatness. To that end, I have scoured the Atlanta Athletic Club grounds. There are, as best I can count, 76 major bunkers and water on nine of the 18 holes. There is but one out-of-bounds. Everything is obvious, right in front of him.

No more t-shirts, big boy.

Unless they say “Finally!”

We ask each week here for comments and responses, to Facebook and Twitter and e-mail. Never have there been as many as last week following my column on the divorce of Tiger Woods and Steve Williams.

Curtis Pascoe doesn’t seem to care much for me: That was a stupid article. Full of insinuations and no real proof. Huber has always struck me as being sort of an ass and this article proves it to me.

(And then, as if he didn’t get his full say the first time, Curtis returned.)

If he (Tiger) pays that kind of money, I will gladly carry his bag and turn a blind eye to whomever he wants to ---. Hell, I will even hook him up with some women from my personal Black Book! Jim Huber is an ass, plain and simple.

More from our Facebook nation: 

Peter Lawrence Ha ha crazy Adam Scott will never co
July 21 at 1:04pm

Michael Doyle Adam Scott will be world #1 within the next year
July 21 at 1:05pm

Peter Lawrence Come close to what tiger has done. Good luck Stevie I always liked you and personally wished you were still walking with tigers bag over your shoulder you to me the best caddie on tour but Adam Scott is not as talented as tiger
July 21 at 1:05pm

Vincent Shack Another chance for Tiger to deepen the casium for African American golf as he looks past having one as a 'caddie' and friend ...
July 21 at 1:13pm

Les Page A Sense of Huber...what a waste of space. Like Williams wasn't sufficiently compensated to put up with it all. If it was that bad he could have left years ago. If I'm not mistaken he became a millionaire carrying that luggage...please don't expect me to feel sorry. I think they call that "at will" employment. In Huber's case if this is the day job...time to look elsewhere.
July 21 at 1:38pm

Ed Reynaud Very good article. Tiger has once again shown the world what a self-centered person he truly is. To fire a loyal employee and friend who stuck with him and remained silent through all the drama is down right shameful. Steve Williams bag is indeed a whole lot lighter now.
July 21 at 1:40pm

Gene Davis I don't really care
July 21 at 1:41pm

Jack Johnston I wisj Stevie the best...hope he can find a good person/golfer to carry a bag for..It could be very hard to do, by pure association to the big "T"..Hope he also writes a "Tell All" book...that would be a best seller...can you imagine what he really knows???? ha ha ha
July 21 at 1:50pm

Illinois Jeff Tiger has come "full circle" in the ass**le category...hopefully bad Karma will prevail with him!!!
July 21 at 1:59pm

Elwin Silverstein I'm not sure why Stevie isn't taking the high road here rather than whining about the last few years. Eldrick's true colors came out and so did Steve's. Enjoy your past stardom and move along to newer things.
July 21 at 2:28pm

Jt Onoacop I was reading an article about Tiger and Stevie splitting ways. It touched off something in me for some reason.
In the article it said it was time for Tiger to move on from Stevie Williams. To me that insinuated that Stevie was holding him back, the only person holding Tiger back IMO is Tiger. The article also suggested that Tiger should “run away and/or move away from his troubles would be the smart play”. Or even go “play on the Asian or European Tour”. You DO NOT run from mistakes or troubles, you take them head on.
It sounds like the author of the article would be one of those enablers, he does not need that, he had that and look where that got him. The press needs to quit enabling Tigers every need also. The LPGA makes an announcement that the Evian will be the fifth major for them, so Tiger puts on his website that he has let Stevie go. The press gives the LPGA announcement and their commissioner about 10 minutes, and gave the Tiger, Stevie split a couple of days. So he fired Steve, like we did not see that split coming, really.
Tiger is #20 in the world, this time last yr. I bet no-one knew who #20 in the world was, Hell I would have to do a search to find that out.
My point is, he is not a factor in golf right now, so why the hell is he still a story? I know some people love Tiger, I do not hate him I am just sick of hearing about the last time he went to the bathroom and took a crap. Let’s move on, we have a ton of talent that is much more worthy of taking up air time then Tiger Woods.
July 21 at 3:29pm

Scott Broadley Maybe tiger just feels like a change. Things aren't working for him, His caddie wants to walk golf courses and with tigers injury he let him go. Good luck to both of them.
July 21 at 6:55pm

Edmond Harvey III TIGER is golf, that's why they are still talking about him, they change Augusta National course because of this dude. The purses in pay-outs went up, and Nike sponser Tiger clothing line and golf clubs. Stevie got rich off TIGER bag. Adam Scott will put him in chapter 11 status. Plus his record speaks for itself 70+ wins 10+ majors who else thats active out there now have that going on right now? Don't worry I will wait for a name !!!!! Love to hate that dude and accept it for what it is till he dies simple as that and Im a Tommy 2 gloves Gainey fan so go figure !!!
July 21 at 7:10pm

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