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2023 South Florida PGA SE Chapter Teacher of the Year, Alex Iguchi, is the Director of Coaching/Instruction at the PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie.

Alex uses his impressive teaching credentials in technology and biomechanics to offer the most up to date instruction in a logical and effective manner and can build a personal plan around your unique ability and available practice time.

Alex's work with veterans, juniors and beginners makes him a popular instructor, especially his multi-day bootcamps are particularly effective in learning the right way from the beginning and unlearning some old bad habits.

His teaching philosophy is: “Train how you play; Play how you train”.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your lesson to check-in and warm up.



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Alex in Action

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I have taken lessons from top-100 teachers, but Alex is by far the best, because he had me hitting a draw within minutes and he was patient with me and explained the changes in a way that made sense to me.

Michael B.


Alex used the Trackman like a wizard uses a wand. I can't believe he helped me gain 35 yards off the tee and yet I feel like I am swinging without any effort which is great, so now my back doesn't hurt and I can actually finish 18 holes.

Gloria P.


Last year our kids earned 1/2 point during the entire Jr. League season, but after starting to work with Alex, we are leading our division this year. He is a great coach and the kids are having fun.

Emily B.


I took a short game lesson series and after two lessons I could chip and get out of the sand and my handicap dropped from 31.2 to 24.7. The facility is amazing and Alex is a great instructor and a very kind person.

Travis B.


I am a HOPE Veteran and I have met many pros in my life, but what sets Alex apart is his motivation, the way he explains the swing and how he structures the class, it is amazing.

Louis C.

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PGA Golf Club

Port St Lucie FL


3 Championship courses

*Coaching available to public

1916 Perfect Dr, Port St Lucie, FL 34986-3029

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PGA Learning Center

Certified PGA instructor Alex Iguchi, Trackman, Short game practice facility, Top Coaching Platform

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