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Sergio honors Spain, his wife with dinner menu

Sergio Garcia honors Spain, his wife Angela with Champions Dinner menu

It's one of the great traditions of the Masters Tournament -- the Champions Dinner.

All of the past winners of the green jacket join together each Tuesday before the Masters to honor the previous year's champion and welcome him into club and share stories of Masters and life gone by. 

Much of the dinner is left in secrecy as few stories of the night leak out. But one thing that we do get a glimpse at is the food which is selected by the previous champion.

This year, it's Sergio Garcia's turn to choose the menu, which typically reflects upon the champion's home region.

Here's the delicious menu that he put together featuring a dish from his home country of Spain and a dessert specialty of his wife, Angela, which is sure to make her more popular than her husband among the great champions in the room.

Champions Dinner

And here's Garcia talking about the dinner and why he chose each piece of the menu.