Furyk oversleeps, misses pro-am tee time, is disqualified from Barclays

jim furyk
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Being forced out of The Barclays is a setback to Jim Furyk's FedExCup title hopes, but he can still win the crown if he plays well enough in the remaining three playoff events.
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Published: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 8:44 a.m.

Jim Furyk picked a bad time to sleep in.

Furyk overslept Wednesday when his cell phone lost power overnight and the alarm didn't go off, causing him to be late for his pro-am tee time in The Barclays. That left PGA Tour officials no choice but to make him ineligible for the first of four FedExCup playoff events.

A two-time winner on tour this year, Furyk is No. 3 in the standings as the race for the $10 million prize gets under way at Ridgewood Country Club without him.

It is unlikely he will fall too far down the standings, although he eliminated any chance of improving.

"I'm kicking myself," Furyk said. "I have a way of climbing into situations that are all my fault."

Phil Mickelson appeared to be more furious than Furyk.

"The rule itself applies to only half the field," said Mickelson, noting that only 54 of the 122 players were in the pro-am. "So if you're going to have a rule that does not apply to everybody, you cannot have it affect the competition. ... I cannot disagree with it more. I have no idea how the commissioner let this rule go through. It's ridiculous."

Mickelson said he told PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem how he felt at lunch.

Furyk sets his alarm on his cell phone, and he awoke at 7:23 a.m. to find out that his phone had lost power. He threw on some clothes and shoes, bolted out of his hotel room and rushed to Ridgewood, arriving at 7:35 a.m.

The pro-am was a shotgun start that began at 7:30 a.m. Furyk was to start on the 11th hole, and he realized when he arrived that he had no chance of getting there on time.

Furyk was in such a rush that he did not put on a belt or socks, and he still had not tied his shoes.

The PGA Tour adopted its policy on pro-ams in 2004 after some players began skipping the Wednesday events for suspect reasons. Now, players automatically are disqualified from the tournament if they miss the pro-am except for injury or family emergency.

Retief Goosen was disqualified from the Nissan Open in 2005 when he overslept and missed his pro-am.

Furyk said was the second time in his career that he had overslept and missed a pro-am time. The other occasion was years ago at Bay Hill, when an alternate filled in for two holes until he arrived. That possibility no longer exists under the new policy.

Although he said he was upset about not playing Ridgewood or the tournament, Furyk said the worst of his disqualification was "to possibly, severely hurt a good year."

"I played my heart out all year," Furyk said. "I've got no one to blame but myself."

It might not be all that bad. A year ago, Zach Johnson was No. 3 in the standings. If he had not played the Barclays, he would have fallen only two spots to No. 5. Furyk will have to see how many players behind him in the rankings play well this week.

He was headed home to Florida before going up to the Deutsche Bank Championship, the second round of the playoffs, next week outside Boston. Furyk's children started school this week.

"And I wound up missing that, too," he said.



These are pros.... they should know the rules and the penalties.
I do agree that some of the rules should be looked at and perhaps changed. ie: grounding your club in a sand trap that doesn't appear to be a sand trap. In that case why didn't one of the many officials say something prior to the player addressing the ball...
It's almost like they are waiting for an infraction to occur so they can say; gotcha....


Just another STUPID rule from the stuffed shirts of the PGA !! Similar to signing a 'wrong' scorecard, when everybody knows what score a player shot. Oh No! You made a mistake! You signed for the wrong score! DQ'd!! Silly!!


Well excuse me for going against the grain...clearly I'm the only one here having a problem with this story! Jim Furyk, professional golfer w/years of experience, stays in a hotel and does not schedule a wake up call, neither does he use the alarm clock that's always on the nightstand AND HIS CADDY DOESN'T WAKE HIM EITHER !??? Yeah Right!


The penalty does not fit the crime. They shouldhave made jim play a round in which his swing plane would have to be normal, on approximately 85% of his shots-- except for putting. That rehab would have been far more interesting. Now, he can sleep in all week, take power naps every 2 hours, and drink gin and tonics until the sun rises in the West: -- "only a splash of tonic please--and use Sapphire Gin please" And one more thing-- make it a double. Not boogey, Gin."


I don't think the PGA actions were needed. On the other hand I do believe hotels offer wake up calls to wake their guest up. I use alarm clocks also, but leave a wake up call at the desk.


I don't think the PGA actions were needed. On the other hand I do believe hotels offer wake up calls to wake their guest up. I use alarm clocks also, but leave a wake up call at the desk.


PGA strikes again. If I am not mistaken, only about half of those entered in the Barckley's are required to play in the pro am. Furyk
has never missed a tee time in his entire career. He is truly one of the good guys that goes out of his way to satisfy all involved.

It seems the PGA has reached its Peter Principle.


Golf is the only sport where players, for the most part, are high caliber people. People make mistakes sometimes. The penalty for this rule should be changed to something less severe. Disqualification is ludicrous. This rule does not enhance the game at all. In fact, to me at least, it can be considered management being over zealous with his/her job.


Look what happened in the WHITE HOUSE, and we still HIM as president, cut Jim some slack, he is one of the good guys in golf and everybody is behind him,thank you Phil for your support for him. Time to check and recheck some of the rules of golf.


Give me a break,after a career that should be emulated by all of the PGA, you smack Jim Furek with DQ. He is one of the good guys, this isn't JD for Gods sake. Help me to understand the integrity of this fiasco! Everyone has done this, why penalize someone for being human.


A sad day, allow the man to play, he's having a banner year!!


Jim Furyk is a gentleman and will take this idiocy but the PGA needs to lighten up when it comes to these pro-ams. If the entire field isn't required to play in a pro-am and a player misses his tee-time, perhaps he should be fined but to DQ him from the yet-to-begin tournament is overkill. Shame on you, PGA. Mr. Finchem, you need to go!


Still don't have an answer from the PGA on what happened to Fluff's responsibilities regarding getting his pro to the 1st tee.
Also, did Arjun Atwal's status change with his win last weekend? Will he get his card back???


rudeness. Furyk'll get over it, i'm sure.


The old buzzards that are running the PGA need to retire!! This is rediculous!


Furyk a clean living and good example for young golfers is disqaulified for being 5 minutes late while Woods, a disgrace to golf, is given more media coverage than any other player. He is hailed as the best ever but still has to conquer the records set by Nichlaus. I get a kick out of the talking heads who don't seem to be able to get more than one sentence out before referring to Woods, no matter where he is in the standing.


If ya'll don't let Jim play, then I ain't watching this weekend. This is why you people are loosing fans.


Where was Fluff????????
Isn't it his job to take care of his player???