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11520 Club House Pkwy
Farmington, AR 72730-8703
(479) 267-1096
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I would like to make the public aware that I own a company which provided emergency vacuum Truck service to Valley View Golf course in Farmington Arkansas on September 10, 2012.The Owner Joe called me with a major overflow of waste coming from a manhole cover on the Golf Course and ask that I please send equipment and people to transfer the human waste to another lift station on the property. I provided the required equipment and manpower within about two hours and did transfer the waste to another lift station thereby solving the problem at hand. Since September 10, 2012 I have done everything except get on my Knees and beg the Golf Course owner to pay for my services. I waited months to get a partial payment and he still owes me over $600.00 that is now six (6) months past due. He keeps promising to pay but, never seems to get around to honoring his word. I am a United States Veteran owned and operated business and I find it shameful at best that Joe the Golf Course owner and manager will not honor his obligations to pay for something that he himself ordered and promised to pay for on several occasions. I suggest that if you choose to do business with this Golf Course you get paid "up front" or don't provide services unless you intend to do it free of charge. If you are a customer at this Golf Course then maybe you should find another place to play Golf as this Golf Course owner is less than honorable in my books. His
email is here
Ross Odom