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1700 17 Mile Dr.
Pebble Beach, CA 93953
(831) 622-8723
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Jim and Susan are right on the money.Tiger is a wonderful golfer, but he thinks he is better than the game itself, He has absolutly no personality unless he is in the lead.He has no respect for the fans and somehow does not realize that the fans are an esential part of his success. I AM NOT A TIGER FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


It is wasn't for Tiger, I wouldn't even care about the game. Just because he failed in his personal life, doesn't mean we can't continue to love to watch him in his game. He brought many people into golf to play and watch, so stop complaining. I want to see an American at the top, Phil or Tiger or some of the others so please.... give us a break


I completely disagree with Jim and Susan. I watched everything today. Thank you CBS for actually showing Tiger. If it wasn't for him......snooze. The Golf Channel coverage of him was horrible on Thursday and Friday and consequently I didn't watch. Please. Keep showing us Tiger. When he's doing well I actually tune in. Good job!!!


I only logged in to post a complaint. Is there another golfer playing besides Tiger? We really like watching golf. But it appears that he must be paying someone to stuff him down our throats. PLEASE be equal in who you show on the course. I just couldn't take another minute of "Tiger this and Tiger that" so I changed to another channel.


I only logged in to post a complaint. Is there another golfer playing besides Tiger? We really like playing golf and watching. But it appears that he must be paying you to stuff him down our throats. Please be equal in who you show on the course.



Amazing experience. I dont remember much of my game during that round as the scenery was breathtaking and I was in awe of walking the same fairways I have seen on TV for som many years. Inn at Spanish Bay was first class. Dont pass up the opportunity if it comes your way.



Went with my dad back in 2003. He says he had to save up for four years (kidding I think) but it was worth it. Played Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish Links. Pebble was all that it was supposed to be. Loved how it was still a cool breezy day in June. The views out towards the Pacific are amazing. Everyone, from the clubhouse pros to our caddie, was tremendous. Our caddie could read greens better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He was so confident in his reads, even if I told him it looked the opposite way to me, he’d tell me to trust him. Of course, most of the time, he was right. I usually shoot high 80s, low 90s but thought I’d do worse here since I was so nervous. I shot 98, but wish I had shot 110 so I could hit a few more shots on this course. It was that awesome!



I loved Pebble Beach, went with company outing in 2006. Not a very good golfer but you can still enjoy yourself. Lost several golf balls in the ocean (hole 6 I think?) but did make a par on the 7th hole. That alone was worth the trip. The burgers at The Tap Room are better than In-N-Out or Five Guys!


I love the front nine better than the back nine (b/c I shot even par on front. didn't even make a par on the back!). But all in all, the best course I've played. The history, the scenery and the layout are top notch. Rounds may be a little slow, greens can get bumpy, but you hardly ever notice b/c you're having such a great time just being there.

I asked a family in The Tap Room after my round if their week long stay with five rounds (had to be a LOT of $$$) was worth the expense. The patriarch answered: "you can't put a price on this kind of experience, my family here at pebble beach" maybe that says it all.