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2150 Ridge Rd.
Naples, FL 34120
(239) 348-2220
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If the opportunity ever comes your way to play Calusa Pines golf course.... Take off work, jump on a plane, make any deal with a loved one, just grab your clubs and get there ASAP. I actually never heard of the course until last month, couldn't really find any in-depth information on the Internet either, but every true golfer in Naples knows about it, and would love to get on their golf spikes on to their tee box's.
It's truly the Pine Valley of the south. From your first view of the club house you realize just how elegant this facility is, not over bearing or gaudy, just extremely tasteful.
The staff could not be more accommodating, and the caddies were a treat. (BTW If your caddie tells you to aim left or put your putt here, DO IT!) I'm a 6 handicap Pub links player, and beat our scratch pro. You have to love this game!
As you're playing your round you can't help but to admire how much detail went into making this course so spectacular. Every hole had its own personality, each green was fast yet fair. So many courses today have holes you would swear you just played, and greens that go from rock hard to mush. There are no tricks to this course. The only real trick was how they got all them hills onto a course in Florida, might just have the most elevations of any course in Florida. The other trick is finding out how to get on it!