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Bldg 1492
Patrick AFB, FL 32925
(321) 494-7856
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The Patrick AFB golf course has been undergoing exceptional upgrades to enhance the golfing experience and deserves high marks for efforts. Any mid level pro or low handicap amateur would have a grand time with their skill set being tested. However, in the process of upgrading the course the every day player, especially those on active duty, is/are challenged more than necessary for supposed "recreation." In effect, the course is more for top grade players able to overcome the perpetually damp fairways that do not provide a sitting up lie. Be unlucky enough to touch the ground prior to hitting the ball will find your shot smothered by the wet soil and sod clinging to the club. This same soil/dampness robs distance as forward bounces are rare and a plugged ball is common. Balls ending in the rough find somewhat scraggly St Augustine grass adding to a golfer's problems. On the other hand, the greens at Manatee Cove are splendid, fast, groomed to perfection and a true test of putting skill. Just don't be unlucky with an approach to the green that hits the apron as it will stop as if the surface is glued velcro holding a net.
Perhaps this review is a bit harsh but it is not intended. Its purpose is merely to remind the management to let the course dry out enough to where the fairways can grow grass to play on -- "play" being the operative word.
(Management could also take a hand in correcting the impossible pin placements devilishly set on crests, some located too close to green boundaries, and c'mon, give us a break on flags just beyond sand traps with no approach landing area larger than a postage stamp.)
Thanks, and a tip of me hat from a high handicap duffer.