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2500 Oak Pointe Dr
Pensacola, FL 32505-1821
(800) 362-7287
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I have worked at Marcus Pointe Golf Club for over a year now and the story mentioned in Srosaman's review sounds like an unfortunate isolated incident. There is a dress code requiring collared shirts (much like almost every other course I have played) but the staff is generally excited about sharing the course...especially with junior golfers.

The course is at the top of the pack for the Pensacola-area golf courses and has rack rates of $38/$48, with lots of great twilight and coupon offers out there. Marcus Pointe offers elevation, undulating fairways and greens, natural beauty, challenge, and forgiveness. I am a beginning golfer and find the course to be more scenic and forgiving than area alternatives...but mostly, the course conditions are always beautiful!


Two of my boys one on a High School Golf Team the other a college student and another friend of theres make a tee time on Sunday morning a few weeks back. Go in to pay the friend had a card that was buy one, one free. They just opened back up after green redo. The guy behind the counter looks at them and says you cant play because your shirt does not have a collar. It was a very nice Nike shirt that I have played with at other clubs. The kid had borrowed it from my boy to wear. These kids are good kids not thugs and they dress nicely. They turned them away so if you are going to play there you better have a collar on your shirt.I know they said they will never go back, I felt like the reason was the coupon I was not there, I played the course in a tourney few weeks back the rebuilt greens were coming in not good yet. Best rounds around Pensacola would be Stonebrook, Perdido Bay, A C Reid NAS or Pensacola Country Club but it is private, got to get help there.