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3536 Country Club Rd
Sanford, FL 32773-4700
(407) 322-2531
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Golfer Beware!
City of Sanford owns this course and recently hired Integrity Golf Services, LLC, . to run it.

The previous management lessee died and the City initially stated that all memberships would be honored.

However, on 10/23/13 members were "notified " via an unsigned, undated flyer available only at the pro shop that all memberships were being cancelled without cause, effective on 10/27/13.
"Notified" on a Wednesday afternoon and cancelled on Sunday at 6PM. Less than 3 business days notice.

Many members remain unaware that their membership is no longer honored and all members lost money -some had prepaid for several years.

The City of Sanford via its management agent Integrity Golf Services, LLC. breached a contract with members with little notice and without cause. "Integrity " Golf, indeed.

Watch out. You could be next. I give it ONE star but website will not permit!