Sugar Hill Golf Club

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6094 Suwanee Dam Rd
Sugar Hill, GA 30518-5513
(770) 271-0519
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It is fall and I was looking for golf courses to play and I saw the Sugar Hill golf course in Suwanee GA, it was a colorful picture of fall and the slogan " Come to play one of most challenging courses in GA". Loved the sense of challenge and was surprised that I haven't yet played this course ever, I decided to call for a tee time.
It was Oct 26 around 10:40am, I got there a bit early to warm up, my friend got in the golf shop to check-in and I tried to put the golf bags on the cart. The golf cart attendant came over to asked me if I play fast enough ( being a women I guess he assumed I would play slow) I thought that very impolite to even ask people such question, and right after that he asked me for my tee time ticket, I mentioned that my friend was checking us in the shop. I was sitting on the cart, he said " you can't drive out" and I mentioned that I am not anywhere and the comment from him was that “people come here to take a cart and drive away without paying the green fee" and the way he said it and the voice he used was condescending and I felt that way. That was enough for me, I walked into the shop and asked to talk to the manager. I told him what just happened and that they should not treat peoples this way, especially paying customers and that too I being a woman somehow was different and play slow or maybe I would not pay the green fee. This is absolutely not what is expected from a business that thrives on people like me paying to play and enjoy the facility. This staff member needs to be oriented to treating all customers equally regardless of their origin or race.

The manager was not really very receptive to what just happened and even mentioned the issue of people work there for free, that said, I was not impressed either. We thought we will play as we have already paid for the tee time and we tried to get out to play. when i got out to give my ticket, he was screaming at me for reasons i don’t understand. I feel its not right to be treated so impolitely and in a larger context this is discrimination. That was not the way he behaved with others which I saw for myself.

At that point, things had gone to the level where I did not feel comfortable or would enjoy to play. I walked back to the shop to ask for a refund. They gave me a refund and the manager apologized to me and gave a ticket for a free round.

I would have loved to play there and check out the course but as important as the golf course is, customer service is even more important for the course to be an inviting place for players from all walks of life to come play and enjoy. Sadly, that was missing and for that I will not be back to play there. It is their loss and I will take my money to where I am appreciated as a paying customer.



Since its opening in the spring of 1992, Sugar Hill Golf Club has proven itself to be one of the most beautiful and artfully laid out courses in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

This course offers some of the most spectacular golfing vistas anywhere. Trees, traps, and moguls define the tight Bermuda 419 fairways while the new champion, dwarf Bermuda grass green offer the most precision available.

If you enjoy the art of golfing, this is the course for you. Placement is the name of this game; get ready for a great golfing experience!

Course Details/History

  • Architect Name – Willard C. Byrd, ASGCA
  • Greens Grass Type – Bermuda Grass
  • Regulation Length Holes – 18
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Blue tee7270.71276,423
White tee7268.11235,698
Gold tee7270.41255,221
Red tee7265.31144,207
Front Nine
Blue tee3794851474013853803401665223205
White tee3514461133433453462911284782841
Gold tee3324231153523192732761133772580
Red tee2853961083042252301471133212129
Back Nine
Blue tee3683571374813953941853775243218
White tee3222861134393563381663444932857
Gold tee2852651164163223061533214572641
Red tee241158914113171711071963862078
*Par value varies depending on tee boxes used.