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1900 Country Club Dr
Coralville, IA 52241-1181
(319) 337-8508
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I've played this course around 10 times this season. Beautiful layout, well-maintained fairways. The course can be played by nearly anyone, and that doesn't mean it's necessarily easy. There are many holes that will make you think and leave you with careful decisions to make. It's also a course that can be walked without much trouble. The only issues I've had with the course itself is that the rough doesn't get cut as often as it should; I've got no problem with the rough being thick (which it is), but it shouldn't be so tall that you lose balls that should be 100% playable, and that can happen pretty frequently at times on this course). There's also a large Canada geese population in the area, so right now, there's a ton of them on the course, hissing and crapping. But there isn't much that the course can do about that.

As for the other amenities, the GPS units on the carts provide distances to various milestones on each hole (doglegs, bunkers, etc.), the snack/beverage carts will swing by every 2-3 holes, and the bar in the clubhouse has a nice atmosphere and a solid menu.

There really isn't much here to dislike, and it's quickly become my go-to course in the area.