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1301 S Gilbert St
Iowa City, IA 52240-4509
(319) 337-2622
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One of the worst experiences for an avid golfer.


The head pro and tenured staff treat customers very poorly. I recently paid a lot of money to play there, got there early to hit a few practice balls, putt and chip, to prepare for my round and was told the range was closed, because of a putt, chip, & drive event for kids. There were 10 hitting bays open and most of the kids were putting and chipping. I told the staff person about the open bays...and that it didn't make sense that I wasn't allowed to hit balls... was completely against any common sense... and when I called to make a tee time, no one provided the information that the practice area and range were closed. The staff person lording over the range made a weak apology and wouldn't budge about this issue...
During a previous visit last fall, towards the end of the season, I showed up an hour early to hit balls and putt and was yelled at by the head pro about putting on the green. He continued to yell and argue that I was ruining the green due to frost. There was no frost and the green was wet. I never received an apology from this arrogant idiot. There were no signs out for frost warning.