The Prison View Golf Course

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Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA 70712
(225) 655-2978
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While working for Southern Living Magazine I had the great pleasure of working with an assortment of unique individuals some quiet as church mice and others larger than life. During one trip to Ruston, LA after a few Budweisers I made the mistake of mentioning to my larger than life host the attached article by Rick Reilly about playing the Prison View Golf Links at the Angola State Prison. I further lamented that I would be driving near Angola the following day and wished I'd planned ahead and given the requisite 48 hours notice required to play a round with a proper background check. My host picked up his phone and called Burl Cain the warden at Angola and set the whole thing up. I went from bar talk to pot committed in 30 seconds. Driving near Angola is like saying Texas is near Wyoming. I drove 4 hours without cell coverage through the back roads of LA. I think I actually crossed into Mississippi a few times. I arrived at the front gates to a heroes welcome. I introduced myself to the guard at the gate as being "Tim Watson from Southern Living Magazine" he welcomed me and pointed me to the golf course. I went into the clubhouse and again introduced myself as "Tim Watson from Southern Living Magazine" again the heroes welcome. I asked for a greens fee, cart fee, golf shirt, 3 towels, a cup of coffee and a BBQ sandwich (made by a machete wielding inmate.) I was told there would be no charge. I resisted the urge to pull a Rodney and ask for 6 of those, 8 of those, a box of naked lady tees etc... The pro was nice and the course record holder. I was asked to leave guns, knives, and cell phones in my car. I inquired if he had met Rick Reilly when he came to play. " No, sir he sent what they call a ghost writer to play." I went. Reilly didn't. The course was an unmemorable 9 hole double loop, very flat. The maintenance crew was very memorable. Prisoners with scythes, and weed whackers and other things that would kill me. Holes 7 and 16 played past the baddest of the bad boy sections triple razor wire and a lack of sound was what I remember. I spent most of the round trying to come up with prison golf jokes. Ball washer was easy, prison towel felt like it needed work. I completed my round in less than 3 hours as I was the only golfer that day. I said goodbyes to my new friends and returned to the gate where I was stopped by a different guard. " Can I have your pass back please?" " I don't have a pass, I'm Tim Watson from Southern Living." a series of phone and radio calls ensued. I was trapped in Angola for only a minute but it felt like an hour. I was cleared to exit. I had a story to tell and quickly made my way to Mobile, AL and was able to tell it to my assembled co-workers. Golf in prison, did it, got the shirt, don't want to again.

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